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iPhone 8 Hacks Every User Needs To Know.


(ThyBlackMan.com) Apple’s latest flagship smartphone the iPhone 8 was released in September this year. While many were expecting to see the ‘iPhone 7S’, Apple decided to go with the iPhone 8 name. The new iPhone 8’s overall design is very similar to its predecessors, but the build quality is very different this time. The iPhone 8 sports a 4.7-inch LCD display and is rated IP67. It means that the phone can survive water splash and dust. A stronger glass body with aluminum frame makes it look stunning. The Apple iPhone 8 is a step ahead as the phone brings in some secret features that will give users more power and control over the device. Read on to learn about the new iPhone 8 hacks and features.

Master the Control Center

Apple is finally allowing users to customize the Control Center. So, learning all the iPhone 8 hacks and tricks is a must. With the arrival of new phones with the updated version of iOS, the Control Center comes with a new design and everything is placed so well in a multi-pane system. The core idea behind putting different elements in a single location is that the users won’t have to dig deeper into the main menu. You can add many options, but if you select all of them, your Control Center may appear to be confusing. Just check all the available options and add the ones you frequently use.

Use Siri as your personal translator

If you always wonder how to pronounce words in different languages, this hack will make your job easier than ever. You don’t need to spend money on translation applications. Initially, Siri on iPhone 8 helps you translate French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Chinese. The best thing is you can get all the translations by just tapping the play button, so you won’t have to wait for long to get translations when on the go.

Do more with the camera

There are several iPhone 8 hacks and camera tricks users should know about. If you use Notes application on your iPhone, you can now scan the documents with your phone’s camera. You can start scanning documents by pressing the ‘plus’ icon available above the keyboard. There’s so much more you can do with the iPhone 8 camera. With the iOS 11 update, you can create GIFs directly from the camera. Three camera effects including Bounce, Loop, and Long Exposure are available on the phone.

Capture screen in a better way and edit instantly

This is one of the iPhone 8 hacks you would surely want to try. With the new screen recording feature, you can simply record screen in video format. So whether you’re playing games or taking notes, you can capture screen with or without audio. You can manually activate the feature from the Control Center and to deactivate it, you can follow the same navigation path. When you take a screenshot, you won’t have to go to the gallery option to find and edit the image. In the iPhone 8, once after taking a screenshot, the image will be available at the left corner in form of a thumbnail. Tapping the image will bring you the editing options.

Reach home safe

Using phone while driving is always dangerous and foolish. With iOS 11, the iPhone 8 gets a smart solution to avoid disturbance when you’re driving. Your iPhone can now understand that at what speed you’re going and if it is connected to Bluetooth in the car, the phone will turn on the ‘Do not disturb’ feature. The DND mode can also be enabled manually by choosing Do not disturb option in the settings.

Use the mini keyboard

One hand keyboard is easily available on Android phones, but for Apple users, it was not possible. Now with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, users can launch a mini keyboard that enables users to type with one hand. So if you’re holding something in a hand but at the same time want to chat with someone or write an email, just press and hold the globe button and you can activate one-handed keyboard which can be placed on the left or right side.

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