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AMD Brings Out Polaris-based Embedded Radeon E9170: 5 Things You Must Know.


(ThyBlackMan.com) In October, AMD announced a Polaris-based Embedded Radeon E9170 GPU, which is the first member of the Polaris architecture in the segment. The company claims that the Embedded Radeon E9170 Series GPUs are three-times powerful than the previously released GPUs by the company. The series products including PCI Express and MXM module will be available in late October. AMD aims to launch MCM module configuration in November this year.

AMD stretching its arms

If you’re still thinking that this release has something to do with your desktop or laptop, sadly it does not. This time, AMD is focusing on different markets with their product. The markets AMD is aiming at are digital casino games, medical displays, digital signage, industrial systems and thin client.

It’s fanless

The AMD Radeon E9170 GPU supports fanless Design. It not only helps developers do more in the required space, but it also embraces passive cooling. To make the GPUs work in extreme operating conditions, the GPUs are designed to work in moisture and dust. The biggest advantage of having fanless design is low space consumption which is ideal for digital signage systems.

It’s quite a powerhouse

The AMD Embedded Radeon E9170 series GPUs deliver up to 3 times performance-per-watt when compared with the previous generation GPUs. The GPUs support up to 1.25 TFLOPS at sub-40W TDP.

For developers, there’s a lot of scope in 4K optimization and multi-display configurability. It will not only allow developers to provide rich media but will also enable them to design with more freedom. The GPUs from the series will be available in standard MXM, PCI Express Card and MCM form factors.

Long lifecycle

AMD has confirmed that the product line will get support for a long time. The company, in fact, has planned the products’ availability through 2024. It means that AMD is playing a big game with the new range of GPUs for the focused markets. With the rise of 4K and 3D in graphics technology, the move appears to be fair. The company also confirmed that the GPU will sport 128 bit GDDR5 4GB memory.

Significant improvements

The new chip by AMD is capable of driving up to five 4k displays simultaneously. The good thing is that the company has optimized the structure in a way that the chipset is now more energy efficient even on 4k displays. So retail signage will surely be getting an advantage.

The AMD Embedded Radeon E9170 chip is different from the laptop and desktop graphics cards. The product is specifically designed for a certain type of systems. General purpose graphic computing is often less complex.

This year, Nvidia also unveiled its new series of embedded chipsets. However, both Nvidia and AMD are competing against each other, it is observed that Nvidia is focusing more on artificial intelligence, while AMD, with its new chipset, is working on promoting the products in a different market where its new GPU series could be used. The major focus remains on the purpose-built systems.

Available for different industries, the AMD Embedded Radeon E9170 GPU is available for entry-level digital casino games to the mid-range casino gaming products. With its GPUs for thin clients, the company aims to provide solutions for space-constrained workplaces. The machinery including medical displays systems will embrace 4k technology for better visuals improving the overall hospitality experience. For the retail and digital signage market, the company aims to attract clients who work in extreme conditions and use graphics-based displays in different environmental settings. From retail stores to airplane cockpit, AMD wants to take its Radeon E9170 GPUs everywhere possible.

AMD has also partnered with the UK based firm Quixant to take its GPUs to more digital casino gaming systems. The company also announced its partnership with Eizo, a computer display maker based in Japan. The company suggests that it will bring many products with its partners in the coming days. There are no specific details shared regarding what these products will be, but as the focus area is very specific, it is easy to guess what AMD could come up with in the future.

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