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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Business Website Builder.


(ThyBlackMan.comFrom the way we conduct ourselves to the way we conduct business, the virtual platform has taken over almost every aspect of our life. A business website can enhance your reputation and expand your customer base exponentially. You cannot screw it up. Most start-ups and budding businessmen don’t have that kind of money to hire professional web developers to create and manage websites for them. Thankfully, today there are loads of reliable and robust website development platforms that assist entrepreneurs in designing the perfect website or blog without having to write a line of code. Discussed below some tips on how to choose the best website builder for your website:

Templates and Designs

A good website builder comes with an extensive range of preset templates, page layouts and themes that first-time users can use for building their business websites. WordPress, for instance, has a wide range of customisable and attractive templates and themes for different business models and websites. These themes and templates are usually arranged in various categories depending on the nature and scope of your venture. Most of the themes you get are free, though some platforms also offer premium themes that you can access only after paying the subscription fees. Check whether the templates are compatible with other devices as well and can be edited to suit your requirement.

Ease of Use

There was a time when website designing was something only software engineers and coders could do. Fortunately, today we have website builders that allow users to create functional and flexible business websites with just the click of a button. Go for a platform that features a drag and drop WYSIWYG interface. Here, you can preview the web page before launching it online. First-time users and amateur web developers should definitely go for a simple, user-friendly platform that’s time efficient and doesn’t have a lot of complex functions.


Web browsers no longer use just the computer or laptops to access the internet. People are switching over to their smartphones and tabs to check business websites, make purchases, and interact with business brands. Now, if the web page you develop can be viewed only on the desktop computer, then it has a far lesser reach and appeal than those that are compatible with every platform. Mobile screens are shorter and narrower than those of a computer and no one likes to view websites that have a bad screen resolution. There are website builders out there that automatically create a mobile-friendly version of the page. This helps you expand your viewer base and reach out to a wider audience.


The flexibility of operation and user-friendliness of the platform plays a big role in the success of your business website. The intuitive and interactive website builders come with a framework that’s easy to navigate and explore. Here, you can easily locate the different features and upload the content with a simple click. The best business website builders like Wix and Site123 assist users in creating powerful business websites in three simple steps, all you have to do is register, select a template and publish the content. You can even move the content over to other platforms without hampering the productivity of the website.


Not all website builders are free; there are some that offer free trials and web hosting for a limited time period. For getting the complete version or accessing the more advanced features you need to subscribe to their services and invest some money. Most website builders, however, feature Business, Pro or Premium packages that contain special functionalities such as unlimited storage, wider bandwidth, free hosting and cloud support. Set a budget before you make a decision.


No matter how many features and functions you get in the website builders, there is always scope for something extra. This is where plugins and extensions come into play. With plugins, users can incorporate the additional operations and tools for enhancing the performance and reach of their business website. Apply the various plugins to augment the capabilities of your e-store. Some of these plugins include SEO solutions, CMS tools, analytical tools and social media integrations. WordPress, for instance, is a platform that offers users e-commerce plugins and support that boost the store’s productivity immensely.


One of the most important things that you must look for in any business website builder is the kind of tools they offer. As an entrepreneur, you would obviously like to have absolute control over each and every aspect of the store. A customisable website builder helps you with that. Not everyone needs high-end features; some would just like to tweak things the way they want. If you know a bit of coding you can even opt for website builders that allow you to customise the HTML5 and CSS style sheets of the web page.

Customer Support

A website builder though simple and flexible still might have some complications. This is where the customer support comes into play. The customer support staffs of website development platforms consist of professional web developers and technicians who are at your beck and call 24*7. You can reach them via messages, video calls, phone calls, emails and even live chats. Go for a website builder that has a powerful and responsive customer support forum and a wide community that would help you in case you have any issues regarding the website.

E-commerce Support

The whole purpose of creating a business website is to sell a product or service. You can now advertise, market and sell your services online via an e-store without spending a fortune. Website building platforms like Squarespace and Shopify come with e-commerce solutions and features that allow you to set up stores, build shopping carts, create catalogs, embed widgets, integrate payment gateways and send bulk emails to subscribers in minutes. So, look for a business website builder that lets you grow into an e-store when the time comes.

Marketing Features

Simply creating a website is not enough, you also need to promote and advertise it so that it reaches the maximum number of people effectively. Sharing the web page and blog links across different social media platforms help you spread the word and gather more followers. There are loads of website development platforms that provide users with the option of integrating their social media accounts and expand the visibility of the page across different networks. Moreover, there are platforms that offer business specific functionalities such as booking managers and menu builders for restaurant websites, image portfolio for designers, etc.

Whether you’re a budding businessman or have an established enterprise, a business website is an absolute necessity for you. Getting the right website builder solves half your problems of creating and launching a robust business website online. Most start-ups don’t really have that kind of a budget to hire professional web developers, luckily now you don’t need to. Website building platforms allow you to develop beautiful websites in a matter of minutes. So, now all you have to do is find a website builder that has all of the aforementioned features, and you’re set!

Staff Writer; Larry Hall

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