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Pokemon GO Generation 3 Release, Special Pikachu & Halloween Event Details.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Pokemon Go generation 3 release is confirmed. Some of the gen 3 Pokemon are now available as the part of the Halloween event. The recently arrived Pokemon from Hoenn region include Sableye, Banette, and some ghost type Pokemon. The third generation has more than 130 creatures that appeared in the company’s third generation games like Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Ruby, and Pokemon Emerald. Many of these creatures are original and a few baby Pokemon are also there.

During the Halloween event, Pokemon including Gastly, Cubone, Drowzee, and some spooky Pokemon are coming. This time, the company is bringing only a few of them while the others will arrive sometime in December. The Pokemon Go Halloween event will run until November 2, 1:00 P.M. PDT. The company has also confirmed that it will be releasing a special Pikachu during this event.

The special Pikachu, as confirmed by the company, will be available in a new costume (most likely a Halloween-theme inspired) and will also be customizable, meaning that you can play with its settings and by using the avatar, you can dress it up like the way you want. The game developer has also confirmed that there will be double Candy rewards for catching, transferring and hatching Pokemon.

The Pokemon Go generation 3 release details were leaked earlier this month. The leaked data revealed sound files for several Pokemon from the third generation. Some more leaks including Pikachu wearing a witch hat also appeared online. For Niantic, this is the second year Pokemon GO is celebrating Halloween event. The company has confirmed that more Pokemon will arrive in December, there are chances that the company will host some special event and that time we will see the Pokemon GO Generation 3 full release.

Now when the first wave of third generation Pokemon is available, the second wave of Pokemon GO generation 3 release will take place in December. However, Niantic hasn’t revealed whether the company will bring all the Pokemon in December or it will bring the creatures in different slots. Since Niantic hasn’t shared specific details about the generation 3 Pokemon release, some questions still remain unanswered. The company hasn’t confirmed whether some of the Pokemon will be region specific or all of them will be available for all the players regardless of where they live.

The core idea behind Niantic’s Ingress and Pokemon GO is to encourage people to go out and explore. So, there are high chances that out of those 130 plus Pokemon, a few will be region specific and the legendary Pokemon will be the once which will be included in such list.

One more question that needs to be answered is – are we going to see any new mechanics in the game? Some of the Pokemon don’t evolve like others. Keeping their evolution process in mind, Niantic will likely introduce some new mechanics. This will again require the developers to work on the game and if it happens, we can expect some Pokemon GO updates in the coming weeks.

Long back, Niantic CEO John Hanke said in an interview that bringing some Pokemon in the game is not easy. The development will need time. It’s true that the company has brought many promised features and the release of third generation Pokemon is one of them. The second generation of Pokemon came earlier this year. For the evolution of Pokemon in the first two generations, players are required to collect Candy in the game. Most of the evolutions may need Candy in the gen 3, but there are chances that the company will introduce some special items for some Pokemon.

We expect the full Pokemon Go generation 3 roll-out to happen sometime after the holiday season. The company is expected to release some Pokemon in December, while most of the creatures from the gen 3 will likely arrive in 2018.

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