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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Jerry Jones is a Good Ol Boy.

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( The Dallas Cowboys may very well be “America’s Team” in the sense that their owner seems to be very much so invested in the same great America as Trump. Jerry Jones doesn’t care about the America his players have to live in. Cowboy stadium is a stage, and they are paid to sing and dance…I mean play. He has decided that if any player protests they will not play. Does he understand that racial injustice also exists right there in Dallas? He is not blind to the state of this nation, but if he doesn’t lose money he doesn’t care. Hey, the Trump can pick up the phone as let him know how awesome he is, and that he doesn’t want to see a protest. Jerry the flag must be protected! Jerry Jones gave trump what he wanted…or at least that’s what it looks like.

When Jerry Jones kneeled with his players that was not a true show of unity, but it looked good to fans and Trump. While the NFL is under scrutiny due to the protest Jerry Jones has solidified himself as an owner that could care less about his black players. He owns them, so to speak, and they have no identity outside of being a Dallas Cowboy.

Jerry Jones is making money hands over fist off the performance of these players. No matter how large their contract they will never match in earnings what their talents have afforded him. One must wonder what would happen if the entire team took a knee, yes, every single player on the roster. Would Jerry Jones be okay with taking the loss due to forfeit since he stated no one would play if they protest?

Jerry Jones never fooled me with his insulting display of a knee. When he took that knee he insulted, in my opinion, the reason the knee was being taken. He was an active participant in trying to change the narrative of the protest. Again, it was never about unity. There were black people saying look maybe we should just unify. Give Jerry Jones come credit because he came around to realizing that unity is necessary. He took a stance with the players against the insulting words of Trump. Is that what you thought? Jetty Jones didn’t care that Trump called those players SOBs; he took notice that the other owners took a stance against the comments made by Trump.

He realized it would be in his best interest to take a stance with the owners that they will not be dictated to by Trump…or anyone else. Though this stance was made…he still allowed Trump to persuade him into giving his players demands that threatened their livelihood regarding protest. Jerry Jones has sent the message that he would support his players through most actions whereby they criminalize and demean themselves, but if they protest for a cause that could affect their life they could lose their job. If you didn’t believe it, yes, Jerry Jones is a good ol boy. He doesn’t care about the injustices of black people, nor his players, in this country unless it effects his money. Dem Boys have no rights in Jerryland.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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3 Responses to “Jerry Jones is a Good Ol Boy.”
  1. James Davis says:

    To Displorableone and C Starr:

    Look, I don’t know if Mr. Jones is a “good old boy,” as you state and I most certainly don’t know how he feels about his players, but this issue of kneeling to protest the killings of African Americans at the hands of errant police officers who represent law enforcement is a most worthy cause. As far as statistics mentioned by Displorableone, if one person white or black anywhere in America has his life unjustly taken by errant police officers, it is one life to many. I thank these players who courageously put their jobs on the line in defense of our constitutional rights. After all, it was white men, if you will remember who put their lives on the line when this democracy was created to defend the rights of white men, and now you think it is wrong that black men do the same thing, which we found was honorable when white men did it. If you remember these words from the Declaration of the Independence; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.” Well kneeling black men are only doing what is suggested by those words – they are attempting to alter the course, when it comes to the unjust killings of African Americans. In highlighting this issue, NFL players are leading us to a good place. The actual answers to this problem as is with most societal ills are to bring the stakeholders together and sit them down around a conference table and ask them to come up with practical solutions. Chief among the stakeholders are police departments, and the leaders of police departments around the country who have seen their reputations tarnished and prosecutors who want to see errant police officers tried and convicted for the irresponsible killings of American citizens. A good starting point among law enforcement for a discussion might be, how do you recruit and retain good police officers? Additionally, other points of discussion and debate could be: Are there any tests out there that have been administered that have actually been found to work when it comes to the search for good police officers? What are the best practices when it comes to how to remove police officers who are found to be “bad apples,” from the ranks of these police departments? What are the best courses of action when it comes to dealing with police unions and the removal of bad police officers? How do you get fellow officers to bring to management’s attention bad officers who should not be carrying a badge and a gun? The above are just a few suggestive topics that can be discussed, debated, and covered in an attempt to arrive at solutions when it comes to law enforcement and the shootings and misconduct we have experienced when it comes to African Americans. When it comes to prosecutors, we need to see more convictions when it comes to errant officers. Convictions are a deterrent. Prosecutors need to discuss in a conference of this nature why are so many of these cases lost. What new strategies could be implored to convince juries. In this case in Oklahoma, the prosecuting team had to try this officer four times before obtaining a conviction. What did his team learn that can now be shared with prosecuting teams in other jurisdictions? I believe in solutions, empty rhetoric is never an answer.

  2. Deplorableone says:

    I believe you didn’t do any research before you wrote this. Your statement “he still allowed Trump to persuade him into giving……” is totally false. Mr Jones began telling his players that everyone would stand for the anthem, no “protests” would be tolerated shortly after that first idiot started pulling his stunts of kneeling, wearing pig socks and a Che Guevara shirt just to name a few. Mr Jones reiterated his position to the players after other players on other teams began following the idiot’s lead.

    Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion and entitled to speak their mind. However, there is a place and time for “protests”. When a football player is playing the game, they are AT WORK. They are being paid to play football. Guess what? Those players don’t have to keep that job if they feel so strongly about “protesting”. They can quit and find a different job at any time. I’m not sure what you do for a living, perhaps you write articles in your spare time, who knows. However, every employer–from Burger King to a hospital to a school district to an IT firm has employee code of conduct standards that include anything from dress code standards, to how a person may act, to things an employee may or may not do or say. Texas is a ‘right to work’ state. This means the employee is never, ever entitled to a job. If the employee does or says something management says they can’t do in that particular workplace, that employee may be fired. In fact, in ‘right to work’ states, the employer does not have to have a “reason” to fire an employee, an employee may be let go at any time. Having said that, I’ll also state-again-that an employee also has the right to leave a job if they do not like the rules/guidelines management has put into place. Again, if a football player wants to “protest” by kneeling during the anthem but the workplace employer has standards of conduct that say this is not permissible, the employee does not have to continue working there (in this case, playing a GAME).

    Kapirnip himself said “I will not stand for a FLAG that oppresses……”. So, if it isn’t about the FLAG, why couldn’t Kapirnip and other players found a different time to start a dialog about “police brutality to black people”? (Statistics in even very liberal publications have proven that black people are not stopped or harassed by police at a greater rate than other people, so his talking point is patently false.). Most reporters would have ?oved to give Kapirnip time and attention. Why didn’t he give a reporter an interview or several, in order to air his grievances? Why didn’t Kapirnip come together with his coach and team mates and write a statement? Why are all those players not out in the black communities during their spare time, speaking out and helping those in urban areas? In my opinion, because they’d rather pull a STUNT rather than doing anything productive! The NFL ratings are tanking, as many people of all colors-White, black, red, yellow, brown-see Kapirnip and other players as disrespecting a symbol of America and those who have fought and died to allow Kapirnip and others to have the right to speak out against perceived “injustice”. There’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week-minus the 6 hours or so they are being paid to play a game-that players could actually try to change these “perceived injustices”, but instead, they chose 5 minutes or less to “protest” during the National Anthem. Yeah, that’s a STUNT! Kneeling for those minutes accomplishes NOTHING. I believe Kapirnip KNEW his form of “protest” would be seen as disrespectful, AND THAT IS EXACTLY THE REASON HE CHOSE THAT TIME TO PULL HIS STUNT. Well, his plot backfired—-no team wants him because most owners know that the average football fan sees him as disrespectful.

  3. ampdefy says:

    amen to that

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