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Monday, November 20, 2017

3 Ways to Overcome Depression Without Medical Assistance.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) There are plenty of ways to overcome depression without medicines but most of us want to rely on medical assistance. Antidepressant pills don’t guarantee that you will come out of sadness and that hard-to-define feeling of losing control over life and everything. There are natural and faster ways to beat depression because that’s how it came to your life.

Follow these 3 easy steps and say goodbye to depression.

1. Know the reason

When you’re depressed, the biggest challenge is figuring out the root cause of the problem. Random mood swings often make us question ourselves ‘I have no reason to be sad, but why am I still sad?’

Think about how it started. Did someone tell you something and you didn’t like? Someone did something bad to you or you just want to be alone for no reason because you have established a thought that loneliness can keep you away from sad thoughts.

Almost 70 percent cases of depression are baseless. People simply develop a thought that they are sad and something is not right, and the layers of such thoughts get bigger. If you are one of those 70 percent people, your problem will come to an end at this first step only.

Sit and think about the root cause of your depression. It can be anything – your expectations, failure, lack of motivation, loss of control, bad financial condition, broken dreams, or assumptions.

2. Feed your spirit

So you think you are a victim of depression. Many of us consider it a disease, while for some it is a state of mind. No matter how you define depression, it’s always a problem and it really doesn’t deserve to be in your life. The good news is there are ways to throw it away and the second step is feeding your spirit.

We feed our body every day. Do you purposefully eat something you hate? You refuse to eat it because you know that you can cook or buy something better to eat. But most of us don’t do the same with our mind and spirit. We accept thoughts in the way they are. We don’t put filters and that’s the biggest mistake.

Your body is just a medium to turn your thoughts into action. So, you must first take care of your spirit and your mind because if something unwanted is going inside, it will surely affect your mood, decisions, willpower, actions and eventually the body.

Positive affirmations are very powerful. Telling yourself something positive is one of the best ways to overcome depression. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Tell that you’re successful and what you are going through is now coming to an end. Think about more positive affirmations. Just like how you replace bad food with something you like, remove those negative thoughts with strong positive affirmations. Practice this every day and make it a habit. If you can stand in front of a mirror and speak loud, it will work like a charm. Do it now.

3. Embrace activeness

Depression leads to disability. Don’t just sit in your room and think. Go out of your room. Get yourself something to do. It can be anything from exercise to making a cup of coffee just for yourself, do something with all your heart. If you love gardening, plant a tree, if you don’t have one, go to the market, buy one and plant it today. Kick all the depressing music out of your playlist and promise yourself that you’re not going to listen to it anymore. Life is too short, fill it with upbeat music.

There are many things and situations that trigger depression and you know about most of them. Kick them out of your life. Replace bad with the good. Replace negative with positive from every corner of your mind, from every corner of your house and workplace. There should be no place for bad thoughts. You always deserve the best no matter if it’s for your body, mind or soul. Remember that you deserve the best and you’re the best version of yourself. Don’t try to control things which you can’t.

Relax, just relax. Something good is coming your way very soon.

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Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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4 Responses to “3 Ways to Overcome Depression Without Medical Assistance.”
  1. David says:

    I completely agree with Daniel’s review!! I have immediate family members struggling with depression for years and this is the most insensitive and ignorant information that I have come across on Depression. Clearly you do not understand anything about this real ‘disease’. Are you a psychiatrist?? If you are, you should not be practicing as your advice can be very life threatening to people struggling with depression. Your comments are a true reflection of what drives the stigma around depression. There are so many people who have the disease of depression and its people like you who have such ignorant views, that keep people from getting professional help. To the company that owns this column, I would strongly suggest you consult with the department of physiciatry and validate your information before posting. Please do not have your staff member post such ignorant information as you could be causing harm to people.

  2. Staff says:

    Thanks for the feedback Daniel.

    With that, we stand behind our writers.

  3. Daniel says:

    One of the most unqualified and outright dangerous articles about depression I read in a while.

    First of all depression isn’t just being sad. There are much more impacts on health and abilities for living daily life than you describe here.

    Simplifying it to those three steps shows you have no clue what a depression is but your advice can become actually life threatening. Your confuse being sad with depression.

    Step 1: depression isn’t always sadness. Telling someone to just sit down and think about it would plunge someone with depression into a much deeper depression. What’s needed is professional help and guidance to recognize cause and treat it.

    2. Positive affirmations: often positive affirmations aren’t enough. Actually most often without help of medical anti-depressants it’s very difficult for those affected to break out of their depression. Also it’s not that depressed people don’t see anything postitive in their life. It’s rather that despite knowing better they are not able to act upon it.

    3. Embrace activeness. While a good suggestion it’s also basically useless without treatment. It’s like telling a paraplegic to just walk his disability off.

    You should be ashamed for putting this article out there. Endangering people and using it as clickbait for advertising. your post will be r ported

  4. Azhar says:

    Hi, I have just been through reading all the stuff on depression that I could in an hour. And I like it.

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