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Facts are Not Well Received.

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( Right now, we live in a country where emotions and social tension is running high. Every time we turn on the news, or tune in to social media we are seeing social unrest on so many levels. It is unfortunate that facts, and truth, are simply sidebars in conversations led by privilege, anger, confusion, and hurt. When the emotional positions become too much there are even those that table facts for trying to give a “logical” response to the social unrest in this country, and it is often described as playing the advocate. The problem we face is it will be impossible to heal as a country, or right the wrongs in the country if facts are not presented, and received, in a proper fashion. We are under the hypnosis of fake news to the point facts are deemed fake. The current president has made lying such a staple in his administration that those who follow him are unable to handle coming face to face with facts.

The disregard for facts, and the truth of a matter, is why there is a percentage of Americans that really do believe Barack Obama single handedly divided this country. They are unwilling to acknowledge the country has always been divided regarding matters of race and disenfranchisement. Black people, and people of color, in this country did not just start having problems with the police. Black people in this country did not begin to encounter racism when Barack Obama became president. We are to a point whereby the blatant truth is deemed fake in order to justify the hatred, and racism one refused to discard.

Barack Obama didn’t divide the country, however him being black did send it into an uproar. The problem is simply…racist white people must own the fact that having a black man in the white house angered them so bad that they blamed him for everything wrong in this country. He was blamed for problems that didn’t even happen in his administration. The best example is Barack Obama being blamed for the federal handling of Hurricane Katrina…he wasn’t the president at the time, but that fact doesn’t matter at all. If facts are going to tell a racist they are wrong…its fake news.

The root of this country’s problem is not difficult to understand, but it is hard to admit. Colin Kaepernick took a knee on the sideline of a football game during the playing of the national anthem in a silent protest against police brutality, and the injustices of black people in this country. This is a fact that is not well received. What some in this country want us to believe is he is ungrateful, he disrespected the American flag, he disrespected his country, and he doesn’t deserve to work in the NFL. Those aren’t the facts…but they are being argued as such. Colin Kaepernick exercised his right to peaceful protest in this country. He did not disrespect the American flag. He did not disrespect veterans, and several veterans old and young agree with his cause. He has been blackballed in the NFL for protesting what caused him to be out of a job. It’s so much easier for some Americans to believe Colin Kaepernick is the problem while completely overlooking the cause for which he protests.

Now there are many players protesting, and of course Trump is angry. He has cursed them and their mothers. All of this turmoil because facts, and the truth of a matter, cannot be received. The truth is this country, regarding race and many other issues, has never been able to fully accept facts. Leadership is teaching the youth it is okay to lie, and disregard the plight of another. If change doesn’t take place facts, and truth, will be nothing more than footnotes from books most have no interest in reading.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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