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The “Take A Knee” Thing – My Thoughts.

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( About a year ago, ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee to originally protest police violence against urban people and the following weeks several NFL players including some WNBA players also took a stand against police violence.

All these parasitic capitalist sports organizations like the NFL which parasitically extracts at least $10 billion a year, the NBA, which extracts about $750 million, and the NCAA which parasitically extracts at least $1 billion a year from mostly young urban male athletes so the relationship that urban male athletes have with the NFL, NBA, & NCAA is a result of colonialism and parasitic capitalism and only revolution can overturn this toxic relationship.

I originally commended this move because it was taking a stand on social issues that affect urban communities across the country everyday, but the more I took a deeper look into it, I realized how counterproductive this “take a knee” thing actually was.

Note: Kaepernick had met with an imperialistic U.S. military vet after he criticized him for disrespecting the flag and the military, so to show his respect for this imperialistic, blood thirsty nation, he decided to compromise by taking a knee.

When I listen to these urban musical artists that are tied to these big record labels like T.I. & Diddy, they are saying very counterproductive things that clearly don’t benefit us nor does it continue the struggle for the liberation of our people because they are continuing this track of us being bamboozled and misled into compromising to the system.

The more I see NFL players including college, high school, and even some MLB players recently “taking a knee”, it’s basically them saying in a way that “I will make white people feel comfortable”, “I will make the system feel comfortable” that doesn’t do anything to achieve true liberation for our people.

Another problem that I have with the “take a knee” thing is that it has now been appropriated by parasitic white opportunists that always copy everything that we do and flip it so that it fits their own self-serving opportunist agenda.

The more I think about this “take a knee” thing, I see clearly that it also in a way promotes this narrative that #45 put out during his presidential campaign last year in “Make America Great Again” which is really a code phrase for “Make America White Again”

Boycotting The NFL without having real demands means nothing. Taking a knee without having real demands means nothing. Saying counterproductive things like “take a knee” only takes us backwards instead of forwarding our struggle for true liberation.

If anything, The “take a knee” thing is an act of continuing counterinsurgency against not only other groups of oppressed people worldwide, but it also continues the vicious and oppressive militant occupation by the police against our community.

The same police officers that these players take a knee for are the same police officers that come into our community and terrorize and kill us with impunity without facing any sort of repercussion for their heinous crimes against our community.

The same police officers who harass, intimidate, taze, pepper spray, and assault our kids with impunity and not face severe consequences for their vicious crimes against our children. They also criminalize and arrest our children at a rate between 3-5 times higher than colonial white kids.

The same vicious imperialistic U.S. military that deliberately goes into other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to steal their resources that only benefit the colonial ruling class.

The same vicious imperialistic U.S. military that’s committed crimes against Africans and other groups of oppressed people worldwide. They’ve even committed vicious and heinous crimes against fellow “soldiers” like LaVena Johnson, an 18-year old African woman who was killed while overseas when she was physically and sexually assaulted by the imperialistic military thugs and she was killed by being shot at point blank range and the imperialist U.S. military tried so hard to cover it up with a lie claiming she died in a “friendly fire” until the LaVena’s father, a doctor, did an autopsy that revealed she had been sexually assaulted before being killed by the imperialistic military thugs.

The Conclusion – Instead of pledging allegiance to a vicious, murderous blood thirsty imperialistic nation of America, pledge allegiance to the struggle for our true liberation instead.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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