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College Recruiting “Scandal” Exposes The Blatant Corruption of The NCAA aka National Capitalists Against Athletes.

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( Recently an investigation probe into a college basketball recruit from the hood that was paid $100,000 by an executive at Adidas to attend The University Of Louisville.

Other executives at Adidas used $250,000 in company funds to bribe high school basketball players to play at specific big schools like The University Of Louisville, The University Of Kentucky, and several others.

The investigation also uncovered a corruption scheme where coaches, advisors, and other high ranking figures had deliberately lied and used their power to convince recruits from top high schools athletic programs across the country to sign with their schools. Four urban male assistant coaches and six others were charged for their role in the corruption scheme.

This college recruiting “scandal” if anything greatly exposes the insidiously blatant corruption of one of the most oppressive, destructive, and parasitic capitalist organizations in the country called The NCAA in which I personally call National Capitalists Against Athletes. My personal contempt for the system also extends to The NCAA.

I find it so ironic, but not, that these big universities will only hire urban male coaches to go into the hood, establish a connection with these brothers, then recruit them to go to these big universities that are literally robbing people blind by putting more young people in horrendous debt by constantly increasing the tuition costs every year from $50,000 on up. And when these urban male assistant coaches are no longer useful to these big universities, they are deliberately kicked to the curb.

These big universities like The University Of Louisville have blatantly discriminatory hiring practices in the sense of they don’t admit many urban students nor do they not hire very many urban professors. They will only admit urban people who can make money for them on the football field or basketball court and that’s an actual fact.

The NCAA aka National Capitalists Against Athletes is a major part of The System that works only in the best interest of the system which is to uphold the colonial status quo and the relationship that young urban males have with The NCAA is a very oppressive, subservient, and a parasitic type of relationship where The NCAA parasitically extracts $1 billion of labor and wealth from young urban male athletes from colonial conditions like poverty and food deserts were deliberately imposed on their communities by the parasitic, vicious, destructive colonial ruling class thugs.

A very notorious example of the extreme parasitic capitalist nature of The NCAA is in the form of the highest paid coach in all of college sports in Nick Saban, the head football coach at The University Of Alabama in Tuscaloosa (which has a massive multimillion dollar football program). Nick Saban is one of these parasitic capitalist white coaches that currently makes $11 million a year off of the unpaid athletic labor from mostly young urban male athletes.

While Pookie & Ray-Ray risk paralysis and brain damage from getting hit and tackled on the football field for Massa while their moms can’t put food on the table for them to eat and trying to avoid getting evicted by parasitic gentrifying schemers who constantly force urban residents out of their homes through dirty and illegal tactics like foreclosures and so-called code enforcement violations as well as trying to avoid getting caught up in horizontal violence and all these other colonial imposed conditions deliberately placed upon their communities while Massa is enjoying the labor and wealth that he parasitically extracted from these young urban males to make sure that his family’s always provided for and taken care of. It’s absolutely sick and parasitic.

My position in regards to these brothers playing college sports at these big universities is this, “If a person goes to an 8 hour job a day, they expect to be compensated for their work” and my argument to that is that these brothers who are bringing in millions to these big universities should be properly compensated for their labor instead of pacifying them with a mere scholarship that won’t even guarantee that they’ll graduate.

The Conclusion – The System/The Status Quo including The National Capitalists Against Athletes Must Go!!!

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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