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Black Love Doc & Dispelling The Colonial Media’s Myth About Their So-Called Version Of “Black Love”.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Recently, I went to a social media page of a new show coming to TV (which I don’t watch by the way) called “Black Love Doc” which is supposed to showcase what their version of “black love” is.

Upon close inspection of the images from the upcoming show, I couldn’t help but to notice that there were some images that the colonial media had deliberately put in showing black women w/ white men and even though I wasn’t surprised to seeing those images, I was however clearly disgusted with this constant push of swirling by the colonial media.

The historical relationship between black women/white men and black men/white women in America is a very toxic, oppressive, parasitic, and a colonialist type of relationship.

One of the so-called “founding fathers” in Thomas Jefferson was a notorious pedophile who raped young black female slaves on a plantation he owned which included raping a 14 year old black girl named Sally Hemings in which colonial history books put out the lie that he was in some kind of “romantic affair” with her when in reality, he was not.

Also, white women during slavery were also complicit in oppressing black people particularly in which they would often falsely accuse black men of raping them and this led to many black men being beat, tortured, lynched, and even killed.

And these false allegations against black men by white women still happen to this day because certain black male athletes and entertainers have had their careers destroyed and many average black males are currently incarcerated because of false allegations that were made against them by white women.

White women also played a big role in the special oppression of black women by forcing them to be these subservient maids called mammies that would do basic chores around the house like cooking, preparing meals, cleaning homes, nursing and caring for the slave owners’ children in white households.

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of any form of swirling aka interracial dating because it’s not only counterproductive, but also assimilationist and anti-revolutionary.

Black Love IS Revolutionary!!!

It’s no secret that I deliberately avoid watching TV nowadays because there are so many negative stereotypes of black people that the colonial media often shows like pimps, playas, video vixens, reality tv stars, gangsters, thugs, killers, alcoholics, druggies, swirlers, and the list goes on and on.

There is a concerted effort by the colonial ruling class in this country to keep black men and black women divided.

They deliberately do this nowadays by;

1. Constantly showing images of black men and black women being dysfunctional and fighting.

2. Psychologically manipulating black men like these pseudo-conscious and pseudo-hotep dudes into disrespecting black women on social media and YouTube.

3. Psychologically manipulating black women like these black feminists into disrespecting black men on social media and YouTube.

4. Deliberately showing inmates of black men w/ Becky through TV, Internet, commercial ads, magazines, and movies.

5. Deliberately showing images of black women w/ Massa through TV, Internet, commercial ads, magazines, and movies.

But what the colonial media defines as “black love” through TV, Internet, commercial ads, magazines, and movies is NOT black love because I’m gonna reveal a few stats based on actual studies that dispels the colonial media myths about black love.

1. About 87% of black men in America have black wives.

2. Only 7% of black men in
America have white wives.

3. About 94% of black women in
America have black husbands.

The reason why the system doesn’t want black men and black women together is because that black men and black women procreate faster than Massa and Becky and also our genes are more superior than theirs and that’s why they do everything in their power to make sure that we’re not together because a strong black family structure has always been seen as a threat to this system.

Unlike these divisionists in our community like the pseudo-conscious and pseudo-hoteps that deliberately blame the so-called “emasculation of black men” for “destroying” our family structure. They don’t realize that by speaking in those terms they are actually speaking like our oppressors because it’s part of the system’s agenda to keep us divided.

And the #1 tactic that the system has used that has mostly destroyed our family structure over the past two plus decades is called mass incarceration because when black men and black women are systematically removed from their communities, it greatly reduces the chance of black men and black women being able to procreate and have a strong family structure in our community.

The Conclusion – It’s important that we create our own media outlets so that we can control the our own narrative and tell our own stories.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

FB Page; http://www.facebook.com/joe.davis.165470




One Response to “Black Love Doc & Dispelling The Colonial Media’s Myth About Their So-Called Version Of “Black Love”.”
  1. M Anthony says:


    It amazes me how many of you are still brainwashed to call yourselves BLACK. Black is not an identity and scientifically black is not even a color. It is next to nothing. Black is the “color” of your car tires, not your skin. The white oppressive slave trader called you black and himself white to set up a contrast and to attach negative images and denotations to you based on a lie about color. Look up BLACK in the dictionary.

    Research even shows that blacks are perceived by other groups as very different from African Americans. But we still keep calling ourselves what someone else defined us as, what we are not and what has a negative dictionary denotation in society. WAKE UP. LOOK AT THE REAL COLOR OF YOUR SKIN. YOU ARE NOT BLACK. You are an African American. The lie of calling us black and defining us by color (the wrong color) has been in place so long that our people accept it as truth – but it’s not. Know your colors.

    Native Americans do not allow others to call them red men. Asians do not accept being called yellow men. Hispanics do not answer to “what’s up brown man”. And Caucasians are not white, notebook paper is white. Wake up and see the plan where white racist supremacists plotted to redefine our people from Africa. STOP CALLING YOURSELF SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT!

    Black is the “color” of your car tires, not your skin author. Being called “black” is a lie and it should be offensive. Haitians, Jamaicans and even Africans do not accept being called “black”, Why do you think that is? They are identified by tribes, klans, geographic areas and their respective countries. By using the very term black to describe us, we are doing the following:
    1. Using a term white oppressors and slave masters gave us.
    2. Letting someone else define us other than our own people.
    3. Calling ourselves something we are not.
    4. Buying into thee lie and the negative denotation. Check the dictionary.
    5. Being set apart in a way that no other ethnic group allows. Native Americans are not called Red Man. Asians are not called Yellow Man. Hispanics are not called Brown Man. They do not and will not accept being defined by color and by some other race or ethnic group at that.
    6. Ignoring our actual color (brown) which means brainwashing has worked. Any time someone can get an entire race, ethnic group or culture to ignore what they are and call themselves what they factually are not, THEY HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED, ASSIMILATED AND BRAINWASHED.
    7. Playing right into the oppressor’s profiles and stereotypes. Did you know studies show there is a different perception of black people than there is of African Americans? Words create perceptions and perceptions
    create actions towards us.

    WAKE UP. You know your colors. And even though others around the world equated our ancestors with the color of the soil in Africa or the meaning of negro/negroid, that does not change the fact that WE ARE BROWN – NOT BLACK.

    If you look in the dictionary or send an email to brainstormonline@yahoo.com, I will send you the research. Facts are facts and YOU ARE BROWN, NOT BLACK. When you receive the revelation of why they keep calling African Americans “black” and Caucasian people “white”, you may just wake up!

    STOP LETTING OTHER GROUPS DEFINE YOU WITH AN OBVIOUS LIE that we have heard and accepted so much that we believe it’s true and forget our colors. The de-programming has to take root or African Americans will forever be defined, limited and oppressed by those who get us to accept a lie.

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