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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Top 3 ways to increase productivity and get more done.

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( Best ways to increase productivity is one of the most common questions. You are not alone. Many people constantly struggle with achieving goals even when they know what’s standing in their way. There comes a time when lack of productivity makes people believe that their goals are too big or they are simply hit by bad luck. The problem lies within yourself and so as the solution. Some people just don’t want it bad enough. Or they simply don’t know how to increase their productivity without disturbing personal life. Getting things done is easy, and here’s how you can do it by following these 3 steps.

1. Think Small

The biggest problem that prevents people from accomplishing goals is that they don’t think small enough. The problem is, we all have heard that “think big” lecture and that’s the reason many of us implement it everywhere, even where it is not at all needed. To achieve big, you must think small.

Start with a super small goal. Don’t go for a very big goal such asBuying a house,” “Running a successful business” or “increasing sales.” This is not about breaking big goals in small pieces, you need to start thinking small. Think about saving money for the down payment, if your goal is to buy a house. Think about making your credit report stronger so that you can ask for home loans. Compare your business strategy with a competitor’s process to identify the opportunities for the business you want to start.

The reasoning behind thinking small is very simple. When you get to taste victory many times, winning becomes your habit and you start loving what you do.

2. Ditch distractions

It is not always about closing all the unnecessary tabs on your internet browser or putting your mobile phone on airplane mode. For some people, less productivity is a result of distractions from many other sources they don’t even think about. Noise is a distraction and it kills productivity. If you are the type of person who needs the workplace with a certain amount of silence or noise, shut the door or do whatever you can do to quiet your place. Some people also use sound machines or instrumental music to stay focused. But for many, it turns out to be a productivity killer. If you are making any such changes, make sure that you are not inviting anything that equals distractions.

Multitasking is a kind of distraction. While many of us consider the ability to multitask as a great skill, it does the opposite. Multitasking not only kills time, it also makes your brain tired and you become less productive. Instead, focus on a single task. Complete it before you move on to any new project.

3. Plan differently

It’s all about how you plan and execute. Many management gurus talk about plans but they never speak about implementing the learnings. In reality, you actually don’t need to care about anything else. A good plan and its implementation will trump anything. The better you plan, the more you achieve. When you are not spending time on planning anymore, you are spending time on executing your plans. It always brings results because you are not spending those precious 10 minutes on typing your task list on phone.

Include small changes in your plans. For example, take standing meetings (where everyone stands). It’s effective and will likely cut the unnecessary discussions that take place when you sit down with people. Take breaks, but only after achieving something. Don’t take that smoke break because you wasted 15 minutes due to lack of focus. Drink a glass of water and work for another 30 minutes with double speed. Complete what you could have achieved and then take a break to make sure that you choose to be productive and make things happen by planning things in the right way.

Smart hard workers always win.  If you feel the need for increased productivity, take the control, do what’s right for your goals and take actions. Nothing other than yourself can stop you from achieving your goals. So choose what’s right.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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