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Friday, September 21, 2018

Jews, The Confederacy And A History Of Revolution! (Part 1).

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( IT’S strange how throughout this whole debate on slavery ,the removal of civil war monuments and the demonetization of white southern culture one group of people was never mentioned even though they played the most significant role in this part of AMERICAN history the reasons for this are many but the most important one is these people are very good at hiding themselves but those day’s are officially over.


THE JEWS were not only apart of the AFRICAN slave trade but many scholars claim they were in control of it , history has been distorted and the JEWS role has been excised from its pages and replaced by the average white AMERICAN who would’ve had very little to do with the institution of slavery which only rich men could be involved in.

I like to reference JEWISH scholars on this subject because their work is a honest representation of their peoples history produced for other JEWS to consume , it only becomes a embarrassment when others read it.

IN the book JEWS AND JUDAISM IN THE U.S. written by MARC LEE RAPHAEL he states ‘JEWISH merchants played a major role in the slave trade,IN fact all of the colonies whether FRENCH, MARTINIQUE, BRITISH or DUTCH, JEWISH merchants frequently dominated’

ANOTHER scholar ARNOLD WIZNITZER wrote in his book ‘JEWS IN COLONIAL BRAZIL’ the buyers at the auctions were almost always JEWS and because of their lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices ,if it happened that the date of such a auction fell on a JEWISH holiday , the auction had to be postpone’.

AND most importantly the JEWS were far more likely to be slave owners than white AMERICANS, this was recorded by JACOB MARCUS who wrote UNITED STATES JEWRY 1776 – 1985 he states ‘all through the eighteenth century into the early nineteenth , JEWS in the north were to own black servants, in 1820 over 75 % of all JEWISH families of RICHMOND ,CHARLESTON AND SAVANNAH owned slaves, almost 40 % of all JEWISH householders owned one slave or more’.

JEWS were also involved in the transporting of slaves to the U.S. some were slave ship owners and we have their names .

THE truth is much of what we learned about our captivity and enslavement in AMERICA was purely fictional HOLLYWOOD garbage , our actual story couldn’t fit on a movie screen.


AND just like slavery the JEWS were intimately involved in the confederacy, we heard the name ROBERT E. LEE but we didn’t hear the name ABRAHAM MYERS who was a classmate of ROBERT E. LEE at WESTPOINT in 1832 and served as his quartermaster general during the war and before the war he fought INDIANS in FLORIDA, he is considered a confederate hero and the city of FORT MYERS . FLORIDA is named after him.

THE name that fascinated me the most is JUDAH P. BENJAMIN he was the first JEWISH senator from LOUISIANA a wealthy slave owner who owned over 140 slaves he wrote many of the oppressive laws that effected the lives of black people ,he was latter appointed by confederate president JEFFERSON DAVIS to attorney general and then latter to secretary of state in 1862 and he’s also reportedly a member of the ROTHSCHILD dynasty, JUDAH P. BENJAMIN also has a state park named in his honor

THE numbers vary but it’s believed that at least 10,000 JEWS fought on the side of the confederacy during the civil war and another 2,000 of them being officers in the government and like every other group in AMERICA they fought on both sides, union and confederacy , when we assign shame and blame in this part of AMERICAN history we have to be honest and say JEWS lived the life of every other white southern AMERICAN and enjoyed all its rights and privileges including the right to buy, sell and own slaves.


AL SHARPTON recently wrote a article for the ISRAELI newspaper HAARETZ shortly before his THOUSANDS MINISTERS MARCH FOR JUSTICE EVENT IN D.C where he stated ‘ AS I watched neo NAZI’S marched in CHAROLOTTESVILLE, VA with torches in hand yelling “jews will not replace us” while celebrating a GENERAL of the confederate army who fought to overthrown the U.S government in order to preserve the institution of slavery’ I reflected on the fact that those who have raise the banner of anti semitism and racism are usually one and the same or at least bedfellows.

SOMEONE forgot to tell AL and the black left that their political ally the JEWS and white AMERICA share a almost identical past in AMERICAN history and they’re only siding with one former slave master over another and we know we will never see any of these fake black militants demonstrating in front of synagogue’s , defacing JEWISH property or openly disparaging the names of respected men in JEWISH history and its for one reason only, its the JEWS who write the checks.

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

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