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Titanfall 2 Postcards From the Frontier DLC Pack Detailed.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Postcards From the Frontier is the new Titanfall 2 DLC pack that once again brought players together. EA and Respawn worked hard on the title and it is clearly visible that there are players who still enjoy the game. However, the game couldn’t do much in the last year, but this year with these additional content packs, EA and Respawn are making sure that players remain stick to the franchise. Fans are still clueless about the arrival of a sequel, which we don’t expect to come anytime soon. Here’s what the new DLC pack brings for the players.

With the latest Titanfall 2 DLC pack Postcards From the Frontier, the game gets a new Live Fire Map, three maps for Frontier Defense mode, UMA and “Aegis” variants of Titan Brawl and LTS. The DLC pack comes with a new Execution, eight new Elite Warpaints, and updates for the three existing maps to make them support the Frontier Defense game mode.

Uma is the new map that features different areas showcasing a large central divider which is designed to provide cover for short range. Depending on the shooting abilities of the players, there are several opportunities in these areas. The Execution move we discussed is called Hole in the Wall. Players will need to unlock it by killing five Pilots. This should be done when the Amped Wall is active.

As far as the weapons are concerned, the eight Elite Weapon Warpaints grant chance per skin (around 10 percent and up to 30 percent max) to gain token for Double XP boost. The items that can be bought include a Warpaint ($5). If you wish to buy all the eight Warpaints, buying them before September 26 will help you save money as you can get all of them for $25.

The DLC pack also introduces two new featured modes titled Aegis Last Titan Standing and Aegis Titan Brawl. Players will not find any significant changes in these two modes as they follow the same rules featured in the original game modes, but with the latest update, you get to play with the upgraded Titans from the mode Frontier Defense.

In late 2016 when Titanfall 2 release was considered a mistake by EA, the game couldn’t do very well in terms of sales. The game successfully managed to receive love from critics, but EA had to admit that the game couldn’t perform as per the expectations. Fortunately for EA, 2017 turned out to be a better year. With continued support, both EA and Respawn managed to attract more players to the game.

With Titanfall 2 double XP weekend events, EA continued engaging the existing players and as per the company’s sales report, the game secured its position among the top 5 video games in the UK. The player base is growing and Respawn founder Vince Zampella is hoping for more. In the first two quarters of this year, the new Titanfall saw dramatic growth in its player base. Before August, the company confirmed that it was accommodating over a million players on different platforms playing multiplayer mode.

The tremendous growth in the numbers is a result of content supply because the average time spent per player on the game in the second quarter was highest in the last six months. In the last couple of months, the release of the Ultimate Edition, Frontier Defense mode and the game’s addition to EA Vault helped many players join the bandwagon. The game also received Game Critics Award for the best online multiplayer. Nearly 50 percent rise in the subscriber base was reported by the company in the second quarter which is expected to go up in the coming days. Recently, Titanfall 2 was on sale and many players picked the game, which means more players are joining the game this month.

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