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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Why The Idea Of An Pay-For-Play HBCU Basketball League Is Actually A Good Idea.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Recently, an article came out on Vice Sports called “The Plot to Disrupt the NCAA with a Pay-for-Play HBCU Basketball League

And the article discussed a plan by Andy Schwarz, an San Francisco based antitrust economist and a long time critic of the pseudo-amateurism that’s often promoted within college sports.

I myself am also a long time critic of the NCAA and it’s pseudo-amateurism that they love to sell to the general public that “college sports is nothing more than an extracurricular activity” when in fact that’s not even true because college athletes (most come from poor inner city neighborhoods) aren’t even allowed to enjoy the normalcy of college campus life at white universities when they’re constantly pulled out of class to go to practice and get ready for a game across the country on ESPN.

And not only that, the NCAA has publicly stated in the past that academic integrity is not their top priority and their statement is correct because urban male athletes in particular are the primary targets of academic exploitation at white universities where they get pulled out of class by white coaches, told by white administrators not to come to class, and white faculty members deliberately inflating the grades of urban male athletes just so they can keep them eligible on the football field or on the basketball court.

Historically and today, The NCAA has always been very hostile towards HBCUs and their schools will only pay HBCU schools to play them in “guaranteed beatdown” games and I for one am personally sick of it.

Intro: Here Are Three Reasons Why The Idea Of An Pay-For-Play HBCU Basketball League Is Actually A Good Idea

1. It gives college athletes more ways to be properly compensated for their labor, likeness, and image that the NCAA system doesn’t allow – Under this pay-to-play plan, college athletes will be paid between $50,000 to $100,000 a year playing basketball as well as being allowed to sell autographs, endorse products, sign with agents, and accept gifts from boosters.

Under the NCAA system, the member schools have colluded together to form an agreement in which they all agreed not to compensate college athletes, but to give them a scholarship in a price fixing scheme that would be declared illegal in any other industry in America. And the fact that they are a parasitic capitalist organization that parasitically sucks over a billion dollars a year in labor and wealth from urban communities across the country.

2. It gives college athletes access to labor rights – Under the NCAA system, the labor rights of college athletes are deliberately stripped from them from the moment that they sign a scholarship, but under the pay-for-play plan, college athletes will be given access to having labor rights, having access to 401k.

3. College athletes would be given a full four year athletic scholarships – Under the NCAA system, college athletes aren’t given full four year athletic scholarships because they’re basically contracts that white coaches have to approve every year and they can pull them if college athletes don’t play at the standard the coaches expect, get injured, or if they put academics ahead of athletics.

Under the pay-to-play plan, college athletes will be given full four year athletic scholarships without all the roadblocks that white universities put on scholarship eligibility when it comes to urban male athletes in particular.

I think that many urban people should stop fitting into colonial systems that have historically and is still harming them today (healthcare, welfare, NCAA, foster care, colonial education, etc.)

I believe in our people becoming more self-determined by creating our own systems that we can implement so that things like our kids can envision a future outside of poverty, horizontal violence, drugs, alcohol, police violence, and prison

The Conclusion – I am a big advocate of sending our sons to play for HBCUs especially in a pay-to-play format that would be very beneficial not only to the college athletes, but also the HBCUs that really need the financial boost that’ll solve their financial problems.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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