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Several Reasons Why The Infamous “Brown v Board Of Education” Decision Was Very Detrimental To The Black Community.

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( It’s no secret that that the colonial education system in this country has shown not only a huge disdain towards black students, but also towards black teachers in the post-Brown v Board Of Education Era.

Before the infamous “Brown v Board Of Education” decision, black schools in the 1940s and 1950 had black teachers in classrooms that had black students in which the self-esteem and morale level for black students was very high, but also the educational level for black students back in those days were very high. And there were no militarization or police containment on those campuses.

But once “Brown” happened, that decision became detrimental to our community for several reasons.

1. More Black Students In Predominant White Schools – After the “Brown” decision, what the system did was basically force more black students into these very toxically hostile white schools in which black students were physically and verbally attacked by white students and white teachers on a daily basis back then and still to this day.

While many people either say that Killary’s “superpredator” comment or “desegregation” led to the militarization of public schools, but fail to realize that the infamous “Brown” decision was the actual catalyst that led to the militarization of public schools in the mid-1960s and now the militarization of public schools has now reached its peak with the extreme militarization and police containment that’s prevalent nowadays in predominant black elementary, middle, and high schools across the country.

2. Many Black Teachers Lost Their Jobs – After “Brown“, many black teachers that used to enjoy teaching black students had lost their jobs and were forced into the unemployment line by the system and many of them still can’t even get jobs teaching in predominant black classrooms to this day because of the infamous “Brown” decision.

3. Qualified Black Teachers Are Passed Over For Unqualified White Teachers – Studies have shown that qualified black teachers have more experience and credentials than white teachers who don’t have much experience in teaching in predominantly black classrooms. But with the way the system operates is that for them to keep the parasitic capitalistic tactic of the school-to-prison pipeline going, they deliberately pass over the qualified black teachers in favor of the unqualified white teachers who harbor very negative white nationalistic views about black students, especially young black male students.

4. Educational Level Of Black Students Greatly Decreases – One of the biggest detriments of the “Brown” decision is that the educational level of black students dropped once they were forced into very hostile white schools where physical and verbal abuse towards them not only from white students, but also from white teachers were common so much that the educational level for black students have greatly dropped back then and still to this day. School systems across the country love to “brag” about the so-called “overall grades” of the schools, but the truth is that our kids aren’t the failures, the colonial education system is the ultimate failure factory.

5. Leads To The Militarization Of Public Schools In Predominant Black Areas – About a decade after the infamous “Brown” decision, more police were originally assigned to white schools to protect their kids from the “scary” black kids and they were complicit in the colonial violence that were inflicted on black students back then and still to this day.

Nowadays, in predominant black elementary, middle, and high schools across the country, there’s extreme militarization and police containment on those campuses because of the public policy of police containment of the black community that’s fiercely enforced by corrupt city governments and school systems across the country. Young black kids these days don’t feel truly safe under the public policy of police containment because the police are notorious for intimidating, harassing, assaulting, pepper spraying, tazing, and arresting black kids at a rate between 3 to 5 times higher than white students.

The Conclusion – The best solution to ensure a future for our kids is Black Community Control Of Schools in which our community provides a real meaningful curriculum that specifically boosts the morale of black students as well as demanding the removal of all police officers from predominant black elementary, middle, and high school campuses. And finally, we demand the right to have more black teachers hired to specifically teach in predominantly black classrooms.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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