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Your first driving instructor shapes your driving skills for life: how to find the right one?

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( If you do not have the right driving instructor by your side, then there are fair chances that you will never be a good driver. The roots have to be strong for the tree to grow stronger and prosper the way it should, and that is why it is imperative that you choose your driving instructor carefully. Many people prefer learning to drive from their relatives or friends, but at some point, they realise that professional services could be more helpful and less frustrating. That’s when the hunt for a good driving instructor begins. Your instructor should be qualified, experienced and skilled to teach you the right aspects of driving. Here are a few pointers to deciding on the right driving instructor for you.

  1. Does the instructor have necessary qualifications- A driving instructor that you are willing to hire should be well qualified and fit for the job. The first thing that you should check is his qualifications. Many instructors are active members of driving associations in their region as well, so if your prospective instructor is also an accredited member, then take it as a go-ahead. A qualified driving instructor is a person who is trained and skilled in the field and is capable of dealing with inexperienced drivers patiently.
  1. Style of teaching– the style of teaching varies from one driving instructor to another. However, it also depends on the learner’s perspective. Before you hire an instructor, talk about the way he is going to teach. Ask whether it will be a one on one session or not because many instructors tend to pick up other candidates as well to keep their running costs low. Also, ask about the number of days he will be giving the lessons and the time duration. Will there be a choice of vehicle or not? Such are a few questions which should help you get better clarity in this respect.
  1. The price policy– Learning to drive is a necessity but that doesn’t mean paying exorbitant prices. At the same time, you should not fall for a cheap fee as such a driver might not be worth your time or money. Be satisfied with the amount you have to pay before making a decision. Also, enquire about the cancellation policy. What is the latest time by which you could inform him of any cancellation and how will the prices be affected are the two most important questions to be answered clearly.
  1. Consult people- Talking with individuals who have just passed their driving test with the help of driving instructors can get you the right guidance. You can ask about their experience at the driving school in terms of driving style, fee, policies and other important aspects. In case you require more knowledge, you can always read reviews on various genuine sites and also consider their suggestions.

Once you have decided to take up driving lessons and become an expert driver, you should know that you either choose an independent instructor or get enrolled in a driving school as per your preference. There are numerous qualified and skilled driving instructors in Birmingham to choose from. Some of them are independent while others are associated with their respective driving facilities. If you want a comprehensive learning experience, you can safely choose a driving school over independent instructors.

Staff Writer; Larry Shaw

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