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STEM and its Influence in Africa Students.

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(ThyBlackMan.comAs more students become interested in dynamic careers that require skills that apply Science Technology Engineering and Math African nations have begun to accept the growing STEM educational opportunities that men and women are providing in their respective nations.

STEM and STEAM are applied educational initiatives that have a foundation in the scientific models, but integrate hands-on learning, team work, building leadership skills and incorporate higher order and critical thinking skills.

Africa rich in natural resources is increasing its STEM and STEAM opportunities to increase generational opportunities to contribute to the growth in economics, commerce, education and global trade that will benefit and increase Africa’s influence globally. Africa cannot continue to rely on foreign investments only that place it deeper and deeper in debt to others that in many cases still do not respect the African citizen and their generational place in building Africa, their homeland.

The more African’s are involved in STEM and STEAM the more they can assure they will have a stake in how their nations and continent are growing and influential in the diverse markets and even foreign investments by outside nations.

“I believe more women should be in STEM roles because of the message it sends to younger girls. Some of the girls think they can’t because they haven’t really seen a lot of women who do the jobs they want to do.” Leticia Oppong shares her journey from being an intern to a field engineer at GE Africa.

Statements made by Leticia Oppong ring a new bell of change for girls that in the past have not been included in the educational engagement and empowerment of STEM that requires hands-on learning, experimentation and even mentorship. There are growing numbers of African women that are role models and mentors ready to share their knowledge and experiences to build future “Agents of STEM.”

Developing the necessary critical and higher order thinking skills that are applied to problem solving and even complex thinking in the development of new ways to harness natural sources of energy and exploration in new areas of engineering and tech that are needed to forge Africa as a global influencer.

The growing news reports in and other media are showing that STEM and STEAM are being celebrated to inspire boys and girls that they can be whatever they dream. The resources and people are available to help them move from dreams to reality to the implementation of their developing skills and talents.

There are Nigerian robotics entrepreneurs who are founding new robotic companies like Surrogate Robotics Nigeria. “I thought if you start when you’re really young to find models to solve real world problems using robotics and artificial intelligence, when you get older you’ll have that confidence to approach problem solving.” Christian

Chime – Surrogate Robotics Nigeria

The key parts of STEM and STEAM are solving real world problems that help to build the continent and build the confidence of rising youth, teens and young adults who are excited about the ability to create change.

The building of critical thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors in Africa will build the continent’s economic structure to engage more individuals that have the knowledge and understanding to attack the challenges that have plagued Africa and meet future challenges.

African higher educational institutions now see their responsibilities in building new generation of STEM innovators. Educational institutions are being held accountable in adapting their instruction to address the need for students to be prepared as future STEM advocates and leaders.

Even in countries like Somalia the rise of innovation hubs

making digital waves across a country devastated by wars and poverty. Integrating the

#SomaliaRising hashtag to show the growth of collaboration and connections.

Founder Abdihakim Ainte, “iRise,” states, “there’s an increased need for these kinds of spaces in order to realize the full potential of Somalia’s technology sector.”

The vision is bright for the growth of technology and the building of hubs that encourage and support new ways of applying, integrating, creating and building an avenue that supports innovation.

One of the dynamic aspects of tech integration is cell phone technology that allows for communication and access to global resources. This is allowing young entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and build connections that encourage the creation of new companies and business initiatives.

STEM, STEAM, STREAM, STEMsquared and other related initiatives are empowering, Africans with the platforms and tools needed to make their dreams realities and to be the future employers that create wealth and economic, educational and generational progress and stability.


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Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

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