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NBA 2K18 Vs NBA 2K17: Major Differences You Should Consider.


(ThyBlackMan.com) NBA 2K17 successor is coming this September and prior to its release, here’s what NBA 2K18 is bringing in terms of changes.

After the release of NBA 2K17 in September last year, some fans started speculating on what could be the next from the game developer Visual Concepts. Last year’s game was not exactly what fans expected. The overall reviews were positive, but glitches disappointed fans from the day one. 2K Sports kept assuring fans throughout the year and several updates were released to ensure hassle-free gameplay, but many problems still remain the same.

Last year with 2K17, the developers successfully managed to address some issues, but the servers and the game engine showed their weakness many times. There were times when players were not even able to play the game and some of the updates released by 2K did more harm than good to the game.

Fans have big hopes as the company has been assuring players that the new game will be a lot better this year. Here’s what the NBA 2K17 successor brings.

A new motion engine

Thankfully, the developers understood that the biggest challenge in many NBA 2K series games was the control system. The series games have always been animation heavy but in some of the previous entries, things started getting out of control. Random movements of characters were spoiling gameplay experience. This year, with NBA 2K18, the developers have changed the way motion is handled in the game. The animations are no longer responsible for a character’s’ movement, meaning that you won’t be seeing characters going insane and behaving differently than the commands given by the players. This was a much-needed change which is finally coming with NBA 2K18 this year.

Improved shooting system

With a heavy focus on skills in NBA 2K17, many things were negatively changed and the gameplay lost balance between skills and other elements of Basketball. Last year shot aiming was there, but this year, there’s a new shot meter and the developers have also improved the way shot feedback information is collected. Shot release time is still important but some of the elements including Green release is not solely based on it.

Next-gen graphics

NBA 2K series has become a standard for sports simulators and 2K18 has just raised the bar with stunning graphics. Every detail matters and this year, 2K has proved it. The level of realism the new game brings was never seen before in any of the games from the series. From wrinkles to tattoos, every single detail is absolutely amazing. 2K Sports confirmed that the game will run at 60fps in 4K HDR on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. The game will run at 60fps on the regular PS4 and Xbox One consoles. In terms of graphics, 2K17 stands nowhere in front of the new game.

New body system

2K Sports confirmed that they are no longer using body shape templates and a new body system is coming in NBA 2K18. All the player models are unique and everything including the specific anatomical details will be handled separately so that the gameplay experience will become better and more realistic.

Game developers are very confident about the upcoming game and they have been assuring fans about the new game’s performance. The problems players have faced with the previous games including the last year’s NBA 2K17, have done significant damage to the popularity of the franchise, but long term fans still hope for the best.

How many of these claims will take shape still remains to be seen. The game will be released on September 19. As far as the server issues are concerned, this is a problem that remains with many games so there are chances that some issues will plague 2K18 as well.

2K didn’t share anything specific about the servers or anything related to how they are planning to avoid those issues, fans are hopeful that this year’s game will bring a lot of improvements on this front as well.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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