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Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Key To Uplifting The Black Community.

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( As Africans in America, we need to grab control over some things to uplift the black community. One major thing we must find a way to construct in our community is our own educational system. The benefits to that could lead us to many opportunities to raise a wealthier community, embed progressive and brilliant mindsets towards the youth, and embrace our culture that was stripped from us; show the world who we really are and what we can achieve when we stick together and support one another. That is just one major thing that we need in order to better the wealth of our minds and to possibly reach enough success in our own educational system to start progressing in the strategic game we call economics.

The point in creating our own system in education is only to support and produce a conscious community and to create jobs for black educators and artists of any kind. To create opportunity for our kids that expand beyond playing a sport or being a successful rapper. The benefits to sustaining an educational system would cause business owners, educators, politicians, artists, lawyers, and trusting representatives for the black community. Representatives that make sure our people are safe, being educated properly, sustaining a stable community to insure that families are feed and the sick are taken care of. Representatives that believe in our own military, and certainly ones that are committed to the cause. Also, representatives that are strong willed in uplifting our community. All easier said than done but the key to push forward is to unite, brainstorm, and most importantly to start communicating with each other.

There is a huge burden holding our community back, and that is the constant emptiness to compete with one another when we are all in the same struggle and predicament when it comes to American systematics. Having the freshest pair of shoes, or the nicest car, and even the most money will not advance the negro to a higher position in the social latter, which in fact was created against negroes. That burden then creates more problems like miscommunication and lack of support for our community as a whole. We lack to have conversations that push for a progressive forcefulness in politics, economics, education, and safety; that can only better the wealth and health of our community.

As Africans in America we have to care enough to lift us up, out of our comfort zone, we have to stop settling as a whole in order to make an impact. We need to fight for our lives, not equality. We need to care more about our lives than we care about false realities. We must realize whom we have descended from and what qualities and strengths they had before trusting and relying on the same government that create laws against negroes to purposely hold them down from success. The same government that teach lies to our youth in school. The same government that is the master mind behind the demoralization of dehumanizing the African face through propaganda, that then later on disperse through any form of media.

As Africans in America we must stop trusting the ones that poison us, the ones that use us for their meal ticket. We must stop being tokens to the enemy and shift our services over to the black community. We must stop competing for that top spot in the “American Dream” to only show out for a bunch of rich folks that still view you as a peasant, just another nigger with nice things to them. While some black folks are too busy living their life trying prove that they can reach the standards of their enemy, black lives are still bleeding out by the same hand they are trying to impress.

When Africans in America realize that they are shooting their community in the back with that mindset of materialism then maybe the script will start to flip and true progression will be created. Realistically, all black folks will not be on board with letting go of our enemies dream and forcing our community out of our comfort zone. That is one hundred percent okay because we need servants and representatives for our community that will not be selfish, untrustworthy, and confused about where they should stand.

Oppression is more than just holding us down, it is killing us too. We must have faith in ourselves before we put faith an any white savior or government. Africans in America must start making decisions for their community and start shaping the black community in a way that supports one another. The black community must push for control over our lives and we must strive and believe that we will uplift our community. Remember the key to this is to unite, brainstorm, and start conversations that progress in the wealth and well being of our community.

Staff Writer; Nena Soldaat

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