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Monday, June 18, 2018

White People: What the Hell Are You Whining About?

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(ThyBlackMan.com)  “The White man’s happiness cannot be purchased by the Black man’s misery.” -Frederick Douglass-

As a representative of all things contentious, I’m tired of hearing White people complain about losing their status as the result of diversity. Tell that to someone who gives a damn because I ‘m not buying it. And if that makes me heartless, oh well.

For centuries, Americans of European descent, were the majority, the “elite” race, now they see that status slipping away. And are feeling many of the emotions minorities experience in a racist society. Right, David Duke? Seriously, man, what are you whining about? Duke, a former KKK leader and Donald Trump supporter, will never know how it feels to be dehumanized based on the color of your skin, or what it feels like to be rejected and disenfranchised in a country in which you were born.

In recognition of their inevitable collapse, Whites are experiencing a decrease in numbers; which makes them vulnerable to future population change. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2050, Whites will make up 52 percent of the population, that’s down a whopping 33 percent from 1960, when they were 85 percent of the population. This is why White supremacists are losing their minds. They know the time is coming when White men, aka the White Establishment, will no longer control the world. Then what will they do? For many, the writing is on the wall; as they try to keep intact, the power and influence they once wielded.

In examining the validity of this issue, we want to know what white people are whining about. So we came up with questions to determine if the status complaint is real, or the angry outburst of an ethnic group trying to hold onto its power by any means necessary.

1. Does  being White entitle you to second – class citizenship?

2. Does being White  prevent you from being treated fairly by the criminal justice  system?

3.  Does being White alleviate  the rights and privileges  you enjoy as members of  the Caucasian tribe?

4. For southern Whites, have you  ever  been  barred from voting, or banned from  hotels, restaurants and movie theaters?

5. If you’re a young White male, do your parents warn you about the likelihood of  being shot by trigger – happy law enforcement officials?  Guess what? Black parents worry about their sons losing their life, when interacting with police officers.

6. In the history of America, have Whites been the primary victims of lynching? Beginning in the late 1800s and culminating in the 1960s, over 3800 Black men, women and children were hung from trees as large crowds of  White onlookers smiled and laughed.  Still whining? If you are White, and the majority of your answers are no.

Then I will ask you again, what are you whining about?

Americans have  experienced  massive changes in the last  15 years; and Whites have influenced everything from art to technology.  Thus for all the arguments and complaints, Whites who feel their status is threatened, don’t feel good about the America of  2017. For them, it is a far cry from the  “good old days,” when they were the dominant race that controlled everyone and everything. That is why we take comfort in the fact that in 50 years, brown people will become the majority and whites the minority. Then and only then will the whining stop. Or will it?

Staff Writer; Peggy S. Butler

One may also view more of this talented writer work over at; http://peggysbutler.com. Also feel free to connect via Twitterhttp://twitter.com/peggybutler647.


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