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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

From Rags To Riches: It Started With A Website.

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(ThyBlackMan.comOne of the first things to remember before you attempt to create a successful website for your small business is that it won’t be easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve the perfect balance, along with how it actually functions and how appealing it is to the eye.

There’s plenty of help out there with companies like CandidSky that work with you and discuss design ideas. A study done not too long ago shown that customers are more likely to love or hate a site based off of the design, than the actual content that’s given.

Here’s how to make potential consumer like, then love, then buy.

The power of the headlines

Research shows that headlines are the most viewed piece on a website, they even out trump the images. So as you can see they are very imported and should be worded correctly, as well as have the appropriate text and colour that will draw people in. The main goal is to make them big and bold so they stand out.

They aren’t only used as a marketing tool though, they actually save a lot of time and confusion for your customers, making your website a clear and efficient one, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

If it’s important, make it obvious

You should categorise your website in order of priority so that customers are getting the appropriate information when and where you want them to.

Think back to when you were searching a restaurant’s website to try and find the contact number or opening hours, and they would hide all of the important information at the very bottom of the page in barely readable writing. – This is how not to do it. You want the key information somewhere visible for customers to find with ease. So when designing your website’s format, try and put yourself in the customer’s perspective.

Make sure it loads quickly!

It’s the year 2017, so no site should be a slow runner anymore, there’s absolutely no excuse. Speed has a big impact on your customer’s experience, along with your overall sales, because unless your website offers something no one else’s does – customers will just leave and find someone else.

A report has said that if your website takes a mere 2 seconds longer to load, you can expect to lose 4.3 percent of your customers. So speed really does make a big difference.

Give customers closure

It’s human nature to seek closer when doing something. That is how we move on without feeling like we’ve left or forgotten something behind. The same goes for your website – when a customer purchases an item or product from your site, make sure you end the purchase properly. So for example, once the customer has paid for the item, make sure a page follows that with a phrase like ”Thank you for your purchase. It has now been completed, and you should receive a confirmation email shortly.” This just lets the customer know that they can go now and everything worked how it should.

Staff Writer; Calvin Ford

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