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GOP Traitors, Once Donald Trump Is Successful You Will Be Fired.

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( That there is a mélange of Erebusic marplots committed to preventing President Trump from accomplishing his agenda and also preventing him from keeping his promises to We the People cannot be denied.

There was a time when it was inconceivable that politicians from a president’s own party would work so aggressively to undermine his agenda and sabotage his presidency – but that is exactly what Republicans are doing to President Trump.

They are resisting his agenda and strenuously working to make sure his presidency fails. That leads me to my question: What happens if despite the unparalleled obstruction and undermining of President Trump doesn’t prevent him from accomplishing his mission for the American people?

What if, despite Republican opposition to President Trump, he is able to continue to create an environment conducive to job creation and the return of industry to America? What if, under President Trump’s leadership, the American people return to viable jobs with sustainable wages? Will the Republicans fighting him attempt to take credit for the growth or resent his success?

What if President Trump is successful in making America near energy independent despite Senate Republicans taking measures that can potentially have a crippling impact on American energy and American energy companies?

What if, when the Republicans who are responsible for leaking information to the media and subversive groups are found, they reveal the depth of the Republican network that is trying to destroy President Trump?

What if, despite the Republicans doing their absolute best to provide a pathway for special investigator Mueller to falsely involve President Trump in a Russian witch hunt, it all fails?

What if, despite all of the lies, leaks, obstruction, subterfuge and backstabbing by Republicans, President Trump continues to succeed and succeed in a huge way?

When it reaches a point that Republican opposition to and undermining of the president’s agenda openly fails, and much of the responsibility for fake news, fake polls and false narratives are exposed as Republican in origin – what will they do?

My point is this. President Trump is going to succeed as president, and nothing Republican sellouts and their demonic wraiths can do is going to prevent that. The question that begs an answer is: What are the Republicans going to do when it comes time to face angry President Trump supporters at the polls?

Republicans have proven themselves beyond any measure of doubt that they are no better than Democrats. They can no longer hide what they are because We the People are no longer blindly listening to them like automatons. So I ask again: “What are they going to do when President Trump succeeds despite their best efforts to prevent same from happening?”

The days that Republicans were able to lie and pretend to be working for us, and claiming to have our interests as their own, are over. We the People elected Donald Trump as president because we believed in his ability to reset the path of decline and combat government corruption and place our country back on the path of American greatness. It has been the Republicans who have fought our president. We expect Democrats to be dishonest liars with no love of country who seek only to benefit themselves. We have been led to believe Republicans are different. We have been led to believe that if we worked and supported Republicans that when they had control of the three branches of government, everything would be different. They promised we would see them repeal Obamacare, reform immigration and work for We the People.

Well, we gave them all three branches of government and the president we duly elected because we trusted him to keep his word, which President Trump has done to the best of his ability.

It is the Republicans who have not kept their promises. They have refused to repeal Obamacare, they are working to obstruct President Trump’s efforts to reform immigration, not to mention using subterfuge and what amounts to sleight of hand to in a shell game of “play the voters for patsies.”

But the Republicans fighting against our president and our interests still do not understand. The election of President Trump wasn’t an anomaly; it was an uprising. It was the American patriot’s “Ameri-exit.”

During the Revolutionary War, only 17 percent of the people supported independence from the crown of England, and look what they accomplished. Do the betrayers of public trust believe President Trump will not accomplish great things with the support of We the People?

So, once again, I ask the question: “What will the traitorous Republicans do when President Trump is successful despite their betrayal?” Are they really so arrogant as to believe We the People will not visit retribution upon them for betraying us and our president?

Written by Mychal Massie

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One Response to “GOP Traitors, Once Donald Trump Is Successful You Will Be Fired.”
  1. Kelloggs says:

    I personally want Stomping Trumpster to get most of his ways out on the table. It has been seen that an idiot who tweets to get his agenda out n the media that chooses to use it, is worth a ticket to the disaster area. Look, New Orleans went under water n Femma fucked that up.
    Do you really think they will save any Parties. I love it when I see white people hating white people. They turn red. lol
    If we’re smart we need to conform our ways n strengthen the “Independent Party” to be our new way out. Independent with the same rights as the other two Parties during all elections, participate in the House , the Senate, in all committees, etc….
    When are we as a people going to stop smelling the coffee n tell it like it is. All white people have game. Do you really believe that white Republicans are any different than white Democrats. They infiltrate both parties n we as Black folk fall for the bull shit…
    Are we going to get any dummer than we already are?

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