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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Rihanna, Chris Brown break up, platonic relationship is the norm.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) While discussing different celebrities with my girlfriends they began to lament, in unison, the separation between Chris Brown and Rihanna…again. There seems to be an obsession for some that want these two to somehow magically reunite. Well, its simply not going to happen and it shouldn’t. Truth be told the topic is old news, and takes us away to what is going on in the now. I must admit I do hate staying stuck in one place. Neither Chris Brown nor Rihanna are in our personal circle, and yet many of us obsess as if our thoughts regarding them matter.

We should be more focused on what’s going on under our own roof, or at least move forward with the time if you insist on being focused elsewhere. Chris Brown and Rihanna don’t have to be enemies, and I would never assume they are. However, for all that are hoping for a romantic reunion please don’t hold your breath because it is not happening…and it shouldn’t.

Look, the primary reason from where I am standing that this subject is a non-factor is clearly Chris Brown and Rihanna have moved on with their lives. They have managed to do this in opposite directions. Rihanna is living her life, making her music, and is heavily involved in her philanthropy. See seems to be going in a positive direction for her, and this is awesome. Many women can look at her in that regard and take note. Furthermore, the fallout between Chris Brown and Rihanna was centered around domestic violence. Let’s be honest…the people are not very forgiving in that area. So even if she wanted to take Chris Brown back her image would have taken a hit.

Granted, I’m all for doing what makes you happy regardless of image, but it was worth acknowledging. Chris Brown seems to have moved on also, yet his road seems a bit more turbulent. He has fallen out with yet another ex, Karrueche Tran, and managed to get a restraining order placed against him. There is no doubt Chris Brown is an amazing entertainer, and maybe he should re-focus in that direction. He has a beautiful little girl, and she will need her dad. I still keep hope that Chris Brown will indeed come back to himself.

The bottom line was yes Chris Brown and Rihanna looked great together when that was what was going on. However, this is a new day that is far removed from that time period. Its time to let them be, and move on.

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One Response to “Rihanna, Chris Brown break up, platonic relationship is the norm.”
  1. Paula Shaw says:

    This love story been over. Can remember years ago when both artists were teenagers literally. After the BIG fight went down it’s never been the same. I for one just glad to Rihanna happy for a change.

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