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Google Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Does Having Different Processors Matter?

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( The Google Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy S8 comparison clearly shows that there’s a fight within the Android realm itself. The Android family is growing at an incredible rate with new devices coming almost every month of the year. There’s a cut throat competition in the smartphone industry.

Companies are trying their best to launch phones with exclusive features and hardware under their brand name. Whether it is a new version of an operating system, a new processor, new camera technology or a design, smartphone manufacturers want to be the first to deliver something new to their customers.

Smartphone users these days are becoming more interested in knowing the inside and out of the device they wish to purchase. The last time you bought a mobile phone; did you really spend a lot of time deciding what operating system and processor to get? Not much, right? Unless you are someone who buys multiple phones throughout the year, you probably didn’t care about CPU and GPU. The major areas of focus were screen size, RAM (not in most of the cases) and features.

Today we are in a different age. Information is easily available. Smartphone buyers talk about processor models. They are curious to know about megapixels, but want to know whether the phone supports 4K or not. They look for information about whether the phone is capable of recording videos at 60fps or it is just limited to 30fps. They take interest in design aspects, but more than the design, they are interested in what’s inside a phone. Benchmark testing was limited to developers and manufacturers, but today, it’s no more an alien term.

Last year, Google released Pixel XL and it appeared to be the best Android phone with a potential to ruthlessly beat Apple’s iPhone 7. This year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S8 with the most beautiful smartphone screen ever. A 5.8-inch screen sporting bright, super-saturated colors. A phone with curved edges and round corners appeared. The Google Pixel XL got a strong competition and most importantly in terms of a new processor.

Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon 835 processor with the Galaxy S8. The new processor is the Snapdragon 821 successor. Since the company claims that the new processor is more energy efficient and is also more powerful than its predecessor, the revelations led many people to believe that the new phone is the best. When you closely look at the Google Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy S8 comparison, you will find that the difference in processors is not something that should really alter your buying decision.

Google Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy S8: The difference on paper

The shift from 14nm to 10nm represents a big step forward in performance. Everything including the CPU cores, clock speed, processing speed and internet speed appear to be better in the Snapdragon 835. Several tests show that the custom Kryo 280 cores in the new processor are significantly faster than the cores used in the Snapdragon 821. GPU also has similar improvements with the new processor.

In the real world:

We should not expect perfection from the machines. Do the Google Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy S8 comparison yourself. Hold these devices or some other devices with these two processors and compare their speed and performance. It is really impossible to find any difference in the real world. No performance difference can be seen in the devices. If you give the two devices to someone and ask them to compare without revealing the fact that each of them has a different processor, people will most likely end up not being able to judge the processor that powers a specific phone.

Both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel SL handle apps smoothly. You can run almost any of the compatible apps without any problem. The only thing you may notice is the difference between the battery life. The 835 is more energy efficient than the 821, but remember that the Google Pixel XL lasts longer. Thanks to its 3450mAh battery. While the S8 ships with a 3000mAh battery that lasts but not as long as the Pixel XL.

In the end, Samsung wins the Google Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy S8 battle because it brings a new processor, but if you look at the devices from a more practical point of view, the Pixel XL wins here and there’s nothing bad if you want to go for it.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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One Response to “Google Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Does Having Different Processors Matter?”
  1. Jerry P. says:

    Seems like all the phones now are alike. Still if I had to choose one, Samsung S8 would be a go.

    As we know later this month Note 8 shall be released. More money for Samsung.

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