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Progression Towards Africans in America, Only Because the White Man Said So? 

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( This week I had this conflict with a white female, as she claimed I was racist because I support black couples and she felt as if I was putting down interracial relationships, which my stance on that is I do not support interracial relationships and here is why. There will never be progress in the black community if we continue to let white folks endure our culture. They already stripped us of our culture. So to let them in while we heal from the traumatic damages white folks have caused us, will only give them more leverage over our lives. And, we deserve to control and have power when it comes to ours lives. To elaborate, if we as Africans in America want to progress as a race, that means we have to stay loyal and committed to one another, when it comes to romance.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have white friends but, I am saying that when it comes to dating and figuring out who you want to be with till death do you apart then you should choose and always have you eyes on a black man or a black women. Now, I know a lot of people like to argue that love is love but that is not necessarily the case. Love is love but that depends on how conscious you are. Striving black families is what the black community needs in order to progress wealth in our community. We are stronger together; with that said, when we control and have power within our communities as far as health, living situations, and education, then will we be on the path of success and real progression.

My question for our community is, when will the black community stop letting white folks determine their livelihoods? How long will we continue to let them make decisions and think for us? You really think Amerikkka is here to represent us in the best way possible? If that was the case the result of that is horrific. I’d also like to add that, to anyone who calls you racist based off of your beliefs, that you feel will better the black community, you should ask them these three questions.

How can any black person in America be racist without any political or economical power?

What system do Africans in America have on their own that grants them privilege over other races?

What system do Africans in America have on their own that oppress other races and plays in their favor?

Be sure to let them know that racism is institutionalized, it is systematic, and if Africans in America fail to have power to set laws and policies in their favor then we can’t be racist until we are able to create our own system that plays in our favor. Make them understand that bias and racism are two very different things.

On a personal perspective, you cannot go 500 years and ongoing of oppression from white folks and let your walls down and trust them. Racism is systematic, its institutionalized, so just because not every living white person doesn’t have some sort of prejudice towards black folks, doesn’t mean we should intertwine with them when it comes to romance and commitment. There’s no way I’m going to let myself or any of my kids date outside their race with the people who rape, murder, create genocide, and systematically oppressing Africans. They’ll never be progress in the black community if we continue to let white folks endure our culture.

Staff Writer; Nena Soldaat

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3 Responses to “Progression Towards Africans in America, Only Because the White Man Said So? ”
  1. Maria Perez says:

    Do you really think you don’t have political representation and political pull? Really? To an intelligent person this story is an emotional rant not based on facts.

    You aren’t the victim, but as long as you think some white person controls your fate. You are the problem and not the solution to your own cultural problems. No one likes a complainer. Make the change, don’t preach about it. And yes, please get married. That is a good start to being held accountable, and staying united. Work hard, stay married, raise your children together, own a home, get a skill or education and you are on the path to wealth… or does that sound too “white”?

    This article is racially charged and fuels people to point out your crap. Stop blaming white people for the black community’s current/past values and choices. What percentage of black kids grow up without dad’s? And why are women ok with their child not having a father to help provide for them and love them? Let’s start here: fall in love, get married, reproduce when affordable and stay together until you die. That would eliminate the community being raised by “the system”. Stop relying on “the system”!!!! It might be easier to blame the white guy for your problems, but he didn’t do it….The guy working hard to pay his bills and support his family didn’t do it! There’s more middle class whites then elite racist whites. So stop putting a blanket over a whole race. You don’t like it, so don’t do it back you hypocrite

    A lot of problems stem from kids growing up without dads… believe it or not, a dad who provides, loves and cares for their family has a higher likelihood of their children succeeding and passing those values onto the next generation. It’s not the only solution, but it sure is a start and probably one of the biggest differences between black and white families and since this article is all about race. Let’s keep talking about race.

    I think ” thy Blackman” is sexist. Why does it say “man” and not “woman”? This article is amusing. Keep writing crap like this so people can laugh at you. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.

  2. Howy Dooin says:

    Sorry man but your assertion is completely racially biased. If those same statements were made by a white man in the public forum the “Racist” tag would be stapled to his forehead.
    I believe your methods would achieve nothing more than increasing separation and isolation of the races .
    We, those of us who were born here are Americans like it or not.
    We need to find a way to erase the lines that devide is, and in the general public areas this is happening on it’s own, it is the media and political hacks that keep pushing these issues into the forefront. I would suggest we all need to heal…together. I am European and Cherokee I was raised as white in the 60s and I feel pain outrage and embarrassment over the injustices that have plagued anyone that isn’t rich and white. How can the millions of us heal when we are shut out separated segregated and told we don’t matter. People are people and love is love. Yes embrace and celebrate the culture of your ancestors absolutely, but share its beauty with me please don’t shut me out.

  3. Lawrence Fearon says:

    Ms. Soldaat:
    The fastest way to kill hate is with love. Every time my white wife and I kiss in public view of the racists, we strike deep into the heart of the racist pig. Black Man/White Woman interracial marriages kill racists on the inside. We refute every stereotype they throw at us, because we are a powerful combination. If it weren’t for interracial relationships on both sides, there would be no Obama. John Punch, the very first black man enslaved by law in America, was married to a white woman when he was sentenced to lifelong bondage on July 9th 1640. He is the original African American descendant of Obama’s white mother, Ann Dunham. She married Obama’s African father. Together they produced to most powerful man in the world. Just President Obama’s existence has elevated the status of black men in America, to strike deep into the heart of deadly racist rhetoric.

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