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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: This Is The Right Time To Upgrade.

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( Before you question why it is important to review Samsung Galaxy S5, a 3-year old phone, you should know that the S5 is still the most popular Samsung device in the USA even in this year. With an active user base of 15.6% within the United States, the Galaxy S5 is ahead of S7 and S7 Edge. It is very surprising that the phone is so much popular despite poor sales. The device was once labeled one of the worst performing phones from Samsung in terms of sales. The company hardly managed to ship 12 million Samsung Galaxy S5 units in the first three months when the device was released. Even its predecessor did much better in the first three months. Despite poor reception, the device is still in hands of many people and those who were waiting for the right time to upgrade, it seems that the wait is over now.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was a good phone, but not the best. The problem is we are now living in a different world where premium looking phones are available in abundance and that too on fairly low price. Samsung in the last three years has shifted its focus from cheap-looking plastic body to premium design ideas.

There are many options within Samsung

Choosing Samsung Galaxy S6 is of course not a good idea but you can go for S7 or S8. If your budget allows, ditch S7 and buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 because it has the potential. The company will certainly not going to ditch the phone anytime soon. The best thing is the Galaxy S8 brings some exclusive features no other phone in the Galaxy realm has ever seen. Bixby is going to be a great alternative to other AI assistants, while the 83.6% screen to body ratio is a revolutionary step by the company. You can find some great deals on the new phone in case if you do not wish to jump out of the Samsung fence.

No matter how much you love the Samsung Galaxy S5, there’s not a lot that’s particularly groundbreaking. Sometimes, the phone feels like S3 and S4, meaning that the phone features just an iterative design and improvement in power when the phone was actually needed to be a solid reboot because its predecessor S4 doesn’t add much in the Galaxy Series.

The Galaxy A7 can also be a good phone you can choose to buy this year. Although it comes with old software (Marshmallow) but it brings NFC and gives you a good 22-hour battery life.

There are alternatives too

If you are fed up with Samsung for any reason, or simply want to try a new brand, you can find great Samsung Galaxy S8 alternatives. You can go for Huawei Honor 8 or Honor 8 Pro if you are really looking for a change. Honor 8 is a good phone and if you love photography, a dual-lens camera setup is there to amaze you. There’s a fingerprint reader too.

There is no doubt that the ZTE smartphones don’t get much media attention despite being really good on many fronts. In the last few years, ZTE has changed a lot and the Axon 7 is the phone that reflects the company’s efforts. A zippy processor, loud speakers make it different in many ways.

The OnePlus 5 because of its performance, hardware and price is one of the best S8 and iPhone 7 alternatives. If you are upgrading from the Samsung Galaxy S5, the OnePlus 5 is the phone you’ll enjoy using. The Snapdragon 835 chipset, a massive 3300mAh battery and two rear cameras are enough to give you a matchless experience.

If you’re thinking of using or buying a new S5, it’s better you reconsider what makes you go for the phone. The outdated software will no longer be supported and the phone also doesn’t perform in the way many other Android phones do at the same price.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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2 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: This Is The Right Time To Upgrade.”
  1. Bob says:

    Not sure about the tech content but the English is flaky.

  2. K. Moore says:

    One can’t go wrong with a Galaxy device. Still with that yes the “S5” is outdated.
    I would go for a “S7” if one can’t afford the lastest “S8”.

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