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Injustice 2 Characters: Who’s The Next after Starfire?

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( The Injustice 2 characters are getting ready to welcome a new member Starfire who is coming in August. The developer NetherRealm Studios and the game publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have confirmed that the new DC superhero will be released as a part of the game’s first fighter pack. Starfire, also known as the Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran will be joining Sub-Zero (Mortal Combat) and Red Hood.

Just like the other characters, Starfire also has a diverse move set and some unique abilities including the power to absorb and convert UV energy into massive blasts. As shown in the trailer, she has a unique set of moves and is extremely powerful to play with. A trailer released in July suggests that one more character is ready to appear in the game. The DC character appears to be Bizarro.

Though fans are not given a specific date for the character release, but, of course, everyone is wondering what would be the next. The DC team has a lot of villains, superheroes and characters who can appear as guests in the game. Here’s what we expect from the Injustice 2 future DLC packs.



Etrigan the Demon and his moves would be cool if folks at NetherRealm Studios bring it to the game. One of the most diverse characters with a tank-like personality is missing from the game. There are various origin stories about Etrigan, but overall, Etrigan is a very strong demon that should be in the game.


What if Hellboy joins the Injustice 2 characters? If it happens, we are surely going to see some kick-ass moves, most importantly the rock-fist. Even if the character appears as a promotional material, it would be amazing to see Hellboy making noise in the game. He is technically a non-DC character but what’s wrong if the boy gets a chance to showcase his trash talks and gunshots?


John is an interesting character who has been to hell and back. We have seen Constantine’s adventures in the comic book and out of it as well. Sooner or later, this character is worth adding to the roster. He is an audience favorite and his fighting capabilities are matchless. John Constantine is one of the characters many want to see in the game.


She was in the original Injustice game’s base roster, and in the latest sequel, she deserves a place. She is a natural choice for fighting games and her appearance in the new game also wouldn’t be a surprise. Some fans believe that the Warner Bros. will more likely focus on bringing new characters, but when it comes to Hawkgirl, if she arrives in the new game, it wouldn’t be a disappointment.

Black Lightning

Who wouldn’t be happy if Black Lightning comes to Injustice 2? The character has got strong fighting skills and an interesting back story. It’s not hard to imagine how amazing his move sets will be utilized in the latest game. Black Lightning has the ability to hold and control lightning, and if you have followed the character, you can imagine how generating electricity and firing streams of lightning in the game will look like.


It is really hard to believe that Mera is not in the game. For the promotion of the Queen of Atlantis, the developers didn’t take the opportunity, which is quite surprising. The girl was barely seen in action but her unique abilities including hard water object formation make things worse for the opponents. If the developers decide to bring the character with any of the future DLC packs, Mera would be one of the strongest one to beat the game’s other characters.

Taking place after the events of the original game, Injustice 2 continues the events, and Batman’s journey continues as the villains threaten the world and Dark Knight hopes to maintain the peace.

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  1. Phil Day says:

    Just love this game. Injustice 2 is on par with Mortal Combat. Still with that most fighting games are the same in reality. Minus the graphics, same fighting moves, etc…

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