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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Casio Protrek Smart: Improvements on the Original Hampered By Design Flaws.

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(ThyBlackMan.comThe Casio Protrek Smart WSD-F20 watch is all about great outdoor activities and is powered by Android Wear 2.0, Google’s biggest OS update for wearables. The new smartwatch brings noticeable upgrades and improvements when compared with WSD-F10. The new device can do much more than its predecessor, but the Protrek Smart still carries some design flaws which are hard to ignore.


One of the features is the ability to access and download maps offline via Mapbox. These maps can be used in third party applications and also with the apps like Location Memory and Activity. What makes the location data tracking possible is the built-in GPS. Casio didn’t introduce GPS in the last year’s watch, and the company was criticized for the same. When it comes to outdoor activities such as trekking, snowboarding or camping, GPS is a must and with Protrek Smart, Casio is making sure that the low-powered sensor works perfectly and the watch gets the excellent battery life.

One of the most attractive features of the Casio Protrek Smart watch is a full-color map. You can check your current location on the map, and the pre-installed watch faces make it look more attractive. You can record specific points on the map, check the route of your activities, and you can keep track of different outdoor activities. Pairing the device with iPhone and Android is hassle-free, thanks to the Android Wear 2.0.

When it comes to applications, there’s Google Play Store available on the watch, meaning that you can search and download many compatible apps. Once you’re done setting up your watch, app drawer can be opened with a mild press on the middle button. You can activate Google Assistant with its help.

Four applications specifically designed for the Casio Protrek Smart include Tool – a button is available to see what you can do with the device’s various sensors like air pressure, compass, altitude, activity graphs, and sunset predictions. The second application is Activity which allows users to track their activities such as cycling, snow sports, and fishing. The device doesn’t feature any specific application to track running, but downloading third party apps can do the job. The third one is Moment Setter+ that allows Android users to set notifications and the fourth app is Location Memory which helps you create reminders and make notes for the locations on the map.


The Casio Protrek Smart won’t disappoint you much in terms of its features and functionality. You don’t need to worry about the device’s durability because Casio gives military standard protection to the watch. What disappoints the most is the device’s design. Other than the color choices and a few noticeable differences (nothing significant though), there’s nothing new.

The overall size and dimensions are the same as its predecessor. The bezel still comes in huge size making the watch a bad fit for those who have a small wrist. Unfortunately, the watch is still in the same weight (92g) and you can feel the weight when you wear it.

One of the most disappointing factors is the poor display quality. Go out in the sun and look at the display. Even if you’ll set the brightness level to maximum you’ll need to look for shadow or you’ll have to cover your watch with the other hand so that you can see the display. The dual-layer display features monochrome and color LCDs but nothing is going to help you when you’re out. For a watch which is designed for adventurers, the poor display is nothing more than a disappointment.

None of the smart watches available today are perfect, and you will face glitches with most of them, especially with third party applications. The problem with Casio Protrek Smart is that it has some basic problems. The watch is really good in terms of performance and durability, but these small issues damage its functionality.

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2 Responses to “Casio Protrek Smart: Improvements on the Original Hampered By Design Flaws.”
  1. Bob McNary says:

    I own the original Moto 360, the Samsung S2 and bought this Casio the very first day available.

    I love the watch. I had issues the first day with a frozen display and Casio support could not have been better.

    I agree that the display in direct sun light is abysmal however super easy to shade it with my hand.

  2. George Jones says:

    Just don’t know of anyone who has a Casio smartwatch.
    Samsung & Apple seems to have all of the market. I would say up to 90% if not more. This device is a little overpriced also.

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