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Apple iPod Isn’t Completely Dead – and the World May Soon Become a Better Place.


(ThyBlackMan.com) There are no official words about any new Apple iPod launch, and everyone is asking “what happened to the Apple’s iPod?” When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007, he labeled the phone “the best iPod we’ve ever made.” Everyone started thinking that the company has just dumped the idea of bringing new iPods. Later, Apple removed iPods from the website’s top menu and strengthened such thoughts and recently it has announced that the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are discontinued. Discussions were at the peak when the company revealed that there is very low demand and Apple once again broke the iPod fans’ hope when CEO Tim Cook said that the Apple iPod classic was discontinued because he felt “there were reasonable alternatives.” All of this made fans believe that Apple will no longer be bringing any iPod in future.

Whether you love it or not, this generation owes much to the original iPod. You may call its design ugly when compared with the devices available today, but it was actually the product behind redesigned iPod, iPhone, and iPad. No one knows whether or not Apple will bring a new iPod this year, next year or anytime in the future, we know that the company still has a chance to bring it back and there are some solid reasons why Apple should think about introducing a new iPod in 2017.

MP3 players aren’t outdated

The demand is still there, and it is not like one in a million will be buying them. There are times when you do not need a phone to be carried but just music. Ask any gym goer, athlete or a runner, they need just music, not the notifications all the time. Listening to music when you’re travelling is one of the most common things, but many of us are more concerned about saving the phone’s battery when we are out. An iPod is a great companion and there are many instances when we need it.

A new Apple iPod won’t harm iPhone sales

The current range of iPod starts at US$49, meaning that it is the cheapest way for someone to join the Apple family. Purchasing an iPhone or iPad worth US$700 or more is not a convenient option for kids or fitness rats that simply listen to music and are not ready to spend money on a smartphone, or simply don’t want to carry an expensive device for music.

Technically, the iPod Touch is an iPhone lacking cellular abilities. The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and third-party applications make it different. If the company brings some changes to the product line, those changes are not going to replace iPhone. MP3 players will remain a companion and will be considered an accessory that enables users to enjoy music without having to worry about storage and battery life.

How Apple iPod can make a comeback

If Apple really wants to bring a new iPod, it needs to make a big upgrade. Water resistance is something which is required today. Many people love listening to music while taking a shower or swimming. The small gadget can easily get tempered if not taken care of properly. There’s nothing wrong in making iPod more durable. Apple’s voice assistant Siri is now more improved but in the current generation of the iPod, Siri lacks its abilities. Changing music will be easier and navigating through playlist will become far better with voice commands if the company improves the devices on this front.

There’s so much Apple has done in the last two years. With Airpods, HomePod and iPhone Music, Apple is delivering music in the best possible ways and iPod will not harm, but add more convenience to the user’s life. If the need is generated, Apple iPod can be saved from obsolescence.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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