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Ensuring An “A” On A College Essay With These Easy Tips.

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( Regardless, if you are approaching your first essay assignment or your tenth essay assignment, it never gets any easier. In fact, many college students dread the day when their instructor hands them an essay assignment. You already have all of your other homework and studying to worry about. This new assignment will only reduce your free time and make things more hectic in an already complicated environment. However, if you set your mind on achieving success and take advantage of the tips below, you will come out on top every time.

Choose A Topic Carefully

To ensure an “A” on your college essay, you will need to choose your topic carefully. Many people make the mistake of picking a topic that is too complicated for even the instructor to comprehend. Now, this does not mean that you should choose a topic that is simple and without meaning, but one that is easy to research and familiar. Your best bet will be to choose a topic that you have already studied. By going this route, you will not have to spend days researching the topic. However, it will require a bit of research, but not near as much.

Keep Everything Organized

With so many tasks on your plate to complete, you will have difficulty keeping up. To make things less complicated, you should keep all of your assignments separate and organized. To start off this new writing assignment, you should start by organizing your thoughts. You can do this very simply, by putting your thoughts on paper. Surely, you have an idea of how you want to approach the assignment. Well, go ahead and jot down as much of your thoughts as possible. You can omit the unnecessary bit later on down the road.

Create A Diagram Of Ideas

While some students will approach their writing assignment with little thought, others will spend hours contemplating unique and creative ideas. If you cannot come up with any great ideas, you can always turn to a custom college essays services. These services are great for the busy college student who has a little extra cash to spend to secure an “A” on their writing project.

Once you have chosen a topic, you will need to create a diagram of your ideas. You can do this by utilizing Microsoft Excel or just a plain sheet of paper. Start by making an outline and adding your topic at the top of the page. Under the topic, you will list all of your ideas, so you have a visual tool to look back at later on down the road.

Unique Thesis Statement

Now that you have the topic out of the way and all of your main ideas written down for future reference, you will need to write a unique thesis statement. This statement tells readers about the point of the essay. You can refer to your diagram for this task, just to make the process go smoother and quicker. Include your main ideas in the statement and you will do just fine.

The thesis statement must have two separate parts, including the part that tells about the topic and the part that tells about the point of the essay. For instance, if your topic is about President George Washington and how his work has impacted America, your thesis statement could be something like this: “President George Washington has truly impacted the future of the our country through his works and decade as the United States President.”

Just make sure the thesis statement is unique and creative, so that will interest the readers.

Getting Plenty Of Sleep

Some college students barely sleep four to five hours each night. While this is only typical behavior of a busy college student, lack of sleep can pose health risks. Studies have shown that people who do not get at least six to seven hours of sleep each night will experience anxiety, restlessness and poor concentration. If you are determined to get a passing grade on your essay, you will need to find time for sleep. You can take a nap in between classes, if you find it difficult to catch even z’s at night.

A healthy breakfast and good night’s sleep will help prepare you for any task the instructors may throw at you.

Staff Writer; Chris Shaw

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