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Thursday, June 21, 2018

President Donald Trump: Traitor In Chief.

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( Putin makes Trump look like the lightweight he is, and that makes the American people look like lightweights. Leaders all over the world know that the best way to get whatever they want out of Donald Trump is to give him a parade, because Trump is a self-absorbed idiot, and the handful of people who support him are undereducated idiots as well.

I’m a former marine, and I can tell you without a doubt that the people who fought and died for this country (while Trump was getting 5 deferments to avoid putting his own cowardly life on the line) are rolling over in their graves. If Ike Eisenhower (the last responsible Republican to hold office) was still around, he’d have Trump summarily shot.

That’s what’s so disgusting about having Donald Trump occupying the Oval Office. His mere presence diminishes the memory of the great men who preceded him. He constitutes nothing less than smudge on the presidency. That’s why it’s so important that he be impeached. Trump’s impeachment would restore the dignity to the office of the President of the United States, because Trumps very presence suggests to the world that even a wino could become president, and that doesn’t serve America well.

That’s the message that America has got to get across to the handful of true Republican patriots left – that Americans have fought and died for democracy for over 241 years, and Donald Trump’s silly, undignified, and treacherous behavior is a slap in the face of all of those brave American soldiers. They didn’t give up their lives for this, so by supporting Trump, the modern Republican Party has turned into a party of traitors. Just based on what we currently know, the entire Trump family should already be in jail, and Trump knows it. That’s why he fired FB Director Comey, is publically humiliating his Attorney General Sessions, is threatening investigator Mueller, and as we speak, he’s already exploring his authority to pardon himself, his family, and associates. That’s why we should impeach him first, and then bring criminal charges.


So Republicans better wake up, or they’re going down with him. This can rock their boat for decades. When all this begins to sink in on the American people, and they begin to realize that this is more than just a fight between liberals and conservatives, America is not going to vote for anyone who supported a traitor.

Here’s the problem. The Republican Party is made up of three factions with coinciding interests. First you have the fiscal conservatives. These are the globalists like Donald Trump who control the party. They’re cynical, unpatriotic, and heartless. Their only allegiance is to the dollar, so they don’t care anything about the nation, or the American people. That’s why they’re leaving no stone unturned to strip countless millions of Americans of their health-care. They’re willing to let people die in the street in order to give themselves a lucrative tax cut. These people call any attempt to protect the American people from their manipulative greed socialism. They claim that “the American way” is for people to fend for themselves, but ironically, they felt much differently during the 2008 crash when they came, hat-in-hand, begging the American people to rescue them from their own misdeeds. Then once they were back on their feet, they used their restored wealth to buy politicians to undermine the standard of living of those very same American people who rescued them.

There’s a philosophical reason for this that goes all the way back to the founding of this nation. These people are just as bigoted toward class as any Klan member is toward race – in fact, the Klan was taught to be bigots by these people so they could use the Klan as a tool to undermine the poor and working class.

Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of fiscal conservatism believed that only those who owned property should even be allowed to vote. He said:

“All communities divide themselves into the few and the many. The first are the rich and wellborn, the other the mass of the people…. The people are turbulent and changing; they seldom judge or determine right. Give therefore to the first class a distinct, permanent share in government. They will check the unsteadiness of the second, and as they cannot receive any advantage by a change, they therefore will ever maintain good government.” (Debates of the Federalist Convention – May 14-September 17, 1787).

Hamilton’s views were summarily rejected by the founding fathers, mainly because many of them left Europe to escape the class system. But those who hold Hamilton’s view are still among us, they simply have to remain discreet, and contrive various pretexts to camouflage their agenda in order to remain politically viable. Today, these people are called fiscal conservatives, and their agenda is clearly visible to anyone who’s not so blinded by hatred and self-interest that they take the time to see. The fiscal conservative agenda is simply being disguised and hidden within the fabric of purposely instigated racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other forms of hatred, bigotry, and division. But anyone who takes the time to be objective will immediately recognize that the GOP specializes in using emotion to circumvent clear thinking, and thereby, the will and best interest of the people.

The only reason they call the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” is to remind racist bigots that regardless to whether it is helpful to them and their family or not, it was enacted by an “uppity” Black man, Barack Obama. And that’s the primary reason they’re so determined to appeal it – even the lucrative tax cut to the rich is just sweetener, because they’re so rich they don’t really need it.

So as a direct result of this conservative subterfuge we have the second faction in the Republican Party, the social conservatives – or bigots. They serve as the fiscal conservatives’ storm troopers. They keep the people divided so the controlling faction of the Republican Party won’t suffer the same fate as Alexander Hamilton during the Federalist Convention.

Social conservatives, or bigots, tend to be the mediocrity of White society, so they try to use the fact that they were born White to define themselves and to compensate for their lack of personal value. Their entire sense of self-esteem is based more upon group association than individual value and accomplishment, and their entire claim to personal significance is, “Well, at least I’m better than them.”

That’s what drove radical conservatives so crazy about President Obama – he’s walking, breathing, evidence that they cannot claim superiority by virtue of the color T-shirt they were born in, and that simple fact alone has caused them to suffer a severe attack of cognitive dissonance before the eyes of the entire world. That’s also why they’re so determined not to allow President Obama to be seen as the great president that he was, even if it means destroying the country – and international corporatists are using the social division inherent in those sentiments to lower the standard of living of the American people – and our hatred, division, and ignorance is playing right into their hands.

So this entire nation, and the future of our children, is being threatened by the desperate attempt of a handful of insecure bigots to maintain their delusions of superiority, and as far as they’re concerned, if the country has to be sacrificed for that cause, so be it . . . thus, Donald Trump.

So Donald Trump’s call to “Make America Great Again” is actually racist code for taking America back to when bigotry was the law of the land, ignorant and undereducated White boys were honored and looked up to, and women were kept barefoot and pregnant. Thus, what we’re Currently witnessing in America is not the GOP’s attempt to improve the lives of the American people, but the GOP’S desperate attempt to erase Barack Obama from history (by any means necessary), and an effort to resuscitate Jim Crow from the final vestiges of his dying gasp. So in spite of all of their preaching, pronouncements and evangelizing, it’s not Obamacare they’re trying to repeal, they’re trying to repeal Obama and his legacy, even if it means taking away the health-care of 22 million Americans. So that’s what we’re currently dealing with in this country – people who are willing to cut their own throats, and the throat of the nation, because they’re too ignorant to see the big picture, and too angry to care. And due to that very same ignorance and anger, these people are easy to control by simply inundating them with a constant drumbeat of disinformation – thus, FOX News.

But there is hope, because the third faction in the Republican Party are traditional and legitimate conservatives. These are Eisenhower conservatives – many of my neighbors are such people, and they’re beginning to see the light. These people simply believe in love of country, low-key ideals, and living reasonable and responsible lives, so Trump is much too over-the-top for them – and they don’t understand his love affair with Russia at all. So these are the people who can kick the legs out from under the Republican corruption of this country, because they are part of the Republican base. If Donald Trump loses them, his approval ratings will dip into the low twenties and Republican politicians will abandon him in droves. So these are the people that progressives should be cultivating. We’ve got to bring an end to this tendency to simply talk to ourselves. Instead of always being so combative, we’ve got to educate, because people of good will have simply got to come together.


Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

More thought provoking articles feel free to visit; The Wattree Chronicle.



3 Responses to “President Donald Trump: Traitor In Chief.”
  1. Ruth S says:

    That’s about the clearest explanation I’ve read of the forces that led to the election of Trump. Clear, concise and absolutely on point.

  2. Rowan W says:

    Excellent analysis of the bizarre, twisted and horrifying phenomenon that is the Trump presidency and its historical antecedents.
    This should be mandatory reading for anyone with a brain and for every American voter whose IQ is greater than their shoe size.

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