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Monday, June 18, 2018

Parents Don’t Let Technology Raise Your Children.

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( William Jackson a teacher with Duval County Public Schools, Edward Waters College, national and international blogger speaks with parents, children, teens and young adults about the importance of monitoring time when using technology, involved in Social Media and even gaming.

During multiple presentations at The Bridge of Northeast Florida the dialogue is family unity is being disrupted because technology in many forms has invaded homes and even communities causing distraction, disassociation and distance between family members, the family unit and structure are falling apart because communication is stopping.

Communities are not engaged as they once were because children and families attentions are focused on digital devices that engage them in digital and unrealistic worlds.

The ability to communicate is based on Apps, digital tools and software packages that require 100% of a person’s attention creating gaps in communication and collaboration. Families are losing the ability to communicate using patience and love.

The Bridge of Northeast Florida is addressing many of these issues with presentations, lectures, interactive events that involve families, parents, youth, teens and young adults.

Parents hold the power to how much their children are connected and need to not only set time limits and expectations for sharing information, also to have contracts to measure how long the family is online and how much there should be family time when all devices are off. Everyone needs to contribute from the youngest to the oldest. The family unit can grow stronger with work. Mr. Jackson a veteran teacher in elementary and higher education sees the affects when children have less time with parents.

The message is don’t let technology raise your children is a movement that is national and global. The seriousness is the growth of companies that help families and individuals in disconnecting from digital devices to rebuild the family structure and rebuild communities. Families should talk during road trips not ignore each other with headphones or goggles.

Don’t wait until there is a problem, parents need to be proactive and engaged with their kid’s not using tech to baby sit and teach morals and values. Modeling for their children and setting high levels of behaviors to build stronger families that are connected with communication not through electronic devices is a parent’s responsibility.

The time is not to demand children to put down their phones, tablets, watches, but for all to be involved together in family activities that allow for bonding and

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson 

Find out more about this talented writer over at; OCS For Education.

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