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Monday, October 15, 2018

The War On White People! Part 2.

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THE GLOBALIST dream of a one world government is well over 100 years old and obviously to accomplish this goal the nations of the world must loose their sovereignty, the ability to govern and protect themselves and accept the rule of a planetary regime.

FROM the early architects of the NWO until this day they understood the best way to undermine the sovereignty of a nation was to take away the right for them to determine who could come into their country, because if you can’t decide who enters your country , you’re no longer a sovereign nation ,the destruction of the nations borders were necessary .

THE earliest of these people was ADAM WEISHAUPT he wrote ‘with the origins of nations, the peoples of the world cease to be a great family a single kingdom…nationalism took the place of human love…nations shall vanish from the earth’.

IN the early last century the HUMANIST MANLY P. HALL wrote ‘ …we’re approaching a nobler era when nations shall be no more , when the whole earth shall be under one order, one government and one administrative body’.

AND the just recently passed ZBIGNEW BRZEZINSKI wrote in his book ‘BETWEEN TWO AGES’ …’the fiction of national sovereignty is no longer compatible with reality’.

GEORGE SOROS who is currently in a spat with the prime minister of HUNGARY over accepting thousands of migrates into his country said, “his plan {ORBAN} treats the national borders as the objective and the refugees as a obstacle , “OUR plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle”.

THE war on white people is actually a war on nationalism, the globalist know white AMERICANS aren’t interested in committing national and cultural suicide as their EUROPEAN cousins have done and this is why they went and got TRUMP and whites are being targeted for supporting him , the hope is TRUMP can regain control of the border and the immigration enforcement agencies that had been purposely weakened and end the 117 year old globalist plan to destroy AMERICA‘S borders.


THE SWEDES are a naive , liberal and rich people who were easily ensnared in the globalist diversity trap , of course they were led their by the traitors of the country however in 2016 SWEDEN took in 190,000 refugees which is 2% of its own population , these refugees were entering the country at 10,000 a week at times of the year and keep in mind SWEDEN is only a nation of 9 million people .

NOT all the refugees are escaping war most are just fleeing poverty and freely admit they were recruited by the many migrant agencies roaming the third world looking for people to send into EUROPEAN countries , CANADA and AMERICA, needless to say it has been a terrible experience for the SWEDISH people because they literally imported the third world right into their small and once tranquil country.

SWEDEN is a first world country , an advanced and educated society , its very difficult for someone from SOMALIA from which they took thousands to assimilate into a small homogeneous EUROPEAN culture like SWEDEN and therefore the obvious is happening , culture clashes and the ‘ghettoization’ of the migrants who are now in their own communities among their own people there is very little integration into the SWEDISH society the migrants are now creating their own parallel societies, basically living in their home countries that has been transported to SWEDEN.

THE SWEDES have finally come to realize that they made a terrible mistake because now they have a giant welfare state that they didn’t have before and also they’re living in fear because of the crime and terror that the migrant have bought to a land that previously didn’t know crime, SWEDEN is now known as the rape capital of the world.

THE SWEDES should know the globalist plan is those migrants will never stop coming until they dominate you both numerically and politically in your own country, some people are predicting the end of the SWEDISH people and culture and that it will be a ISLAMIC country in just 20 years.


ITS a very simple strategy being employed by the globalist, under one guise or another get large foreign populations into targeted countries that then upset the demographic and political boundaries of that country, create strife and then break the country up into racial, ethnic and religious enclaves giving each a small amount of autonomy , thereby dissolving the nation state by eliminating the need for a national borders or government .

IF you study the EUROPEAN migrant invasion model you’ll discover that gangs, terrorist and trained military men slipped into these countries with the waves of migrants, these people were put there not only to terrorize the native population but to gain and hold territory when the time has come, the MAYOR of LA ERIC GARCETTI , just gave us a ominous warning recently on a NPR broadcast with host MARIA HINOJOSA, the mayor said of the TRUMP ICE immigration raids going on in LA, “AS we’ve seen ICE officers take parents away and it’s video taped, imagine if that’s on the sidewalk and students start swarming and they’re teenagers , its dangerous for those agents its dangerous for our city”.

AND the host MARIA HINOJOSA stated ‘ AS the mayor of LA it has crossed your mind like ‘oh my god’ the next tinderbox might not be black – white relations , but might end up being immigrant -police- ice confrontation and that can lead to a ugly – ugly chapter in LA’S life.

GARCETTI then said ” if something goes wrong I fear a tenderbox out there ,where people will say suddenly’ no’ and try and defend and keep that person from being taken , that’s a very dangerous situation.

I think we were just warned because if you read all the articles the statements come off as threats and instructions, many of us said for sometime we’ve already been invaded, GARCETTI has just confirmed this, there are over 1 million illegal aliens in LA county alone and if only 1% are activated these people could cause a lot of problems.

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

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