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Black People Keep Ignoring These Two Facts.

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( There are two essentials the majority of blacks either intentionally overlook, or have been generationally conditioned to embrace as fact, despite all evidence to the contrary.

The first essential is that simply going to church doesn’t make one a Christian – it makes one a churchgoer – and believe me, Satan spends more time in church than most self-proclaimed Christians do. The second essential most blacks refuse to grasp is that the struggle for civil rights is over. They are ensured the exact same rights as every other American, and in far too many instances, they are afforded special privileges as a protected class of people based solely upon skin color.

And despite the eternal significance of the first essential I referenced, it is the second essential that is greatly responsible for fomenting divisiveness.

Former professional basketball player Charles Barkley once said: “The only thing liberalism has done for blacks is give them an inferiority complex.” I add that it has been the relentless insidiousness of liberalism that makes this second essential so fiendishly draconian.

There are no extremes the majority of blacks will not go to use their skin color as proof positive that they are disenfranchised, despite all empirical evidence to the contrary. The damning psychological and emotional effects of same is glaringly transpicuous.

Following is an example proving my point. Recently, I received a comment on my Facebook page in response to a video I did discussing the incomprehensible stupidity of Florida Memorial University awarding Trayvon Martin a posthumous bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science.

A woman using “Moon Cricket” as her Facebook ID said: “You use the term black people as if you’re not black. … Why not [use] my people? … Come on brother. … you just had some bad experiences. … I’m talking to you because we have two different paths but we are one. … [White people] don’t love you like you think they love you. … it will be us [blacks] standing there waiting to embrace you when they turn on you. … It’s not a matter of if, only when. …

This mindset permeates the psyche of so many blacks today. The self-segregative verbiage and the idea that based solely upon the color of their skin white people cannot be trusted are self-limiting.

It is nothing less than a definitional inferiority complex that makes a black person believe that “whites” talk about them as soon as said person walks away.

For this person and those like her to go through life believing that “white” people are going to mistreat them and betray them is no life at all. The idea that unless a person embraces the illogical belief that in order to be “real” one’s “blackness” must trump all else is painfully and unnecessarily self-limiting.

I view her idea of “bad experiences” as Solomon who wrote (and I paraphrase) that all are exposed to the sun and the rain, i.e., the good and the bad.

The tragic truth is that blacks have been inculcated to view skin color above all else, including character, and whites have been conditioned to view blacks as “separate but equal.” The idea of “black community, black church, black conservative, African-American, black-black-black everything black,” is a designed method of control that foments and institutionalizes a segregative mentality.

Excluding the small number of whites who embrace the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Brotherhood types, few whites are aware of the extent to which they have been conditioned to view blacks as separate. Blacks, on the other hand, are conditioned to be hypersensitive to being conversationally and cognitively viewed as different, and yet that is exactly what most blacks demand.

The majority of blacks have been conditioned to the point of being borderline incapable of viewing themselves as anything more than a color. The majority of whites have been conditioned to view blacks in color-coded terms and reasoning.

This is the 800-pound pachyderm in the middle of the room that too few are willing to address. To speak out on said topic is to incur the wrath of those who believe it enlightened to hold such a divisive mindset.

We are Americans. The year is 2017. If my points were addressed as I argue, there would be no place for a Dylann Roof, Al Sharpton, or domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter.

Liberal progressives and neo-Leninists haven’t helped blacks. They have subjugated them psychologically and emotionally to reject modernity. The majority of whites have been bullied and intimidated into seeing blacks as a distinct and separate group of people. Skin color has been used by the social Darwinists to create the myth of “race” when in fact the qualifier for this fallacious construct is based wholly upon skin color.

Until America comes to grips with the issues I am addressing, we will be a divided and acrimonious nation, with some striving to truly get along, while others profiteer from skin-color divisiveness.

Written by Mychal Massie

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