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Love is Not Complicated.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) At what point did we allow ourselves to believe that love and relationships were complicated?

Why is it that if there isn’t fighting and drama we feel love is not present?

Personally, this concept seems quite ridiculous and it’s as if our mindset is literally programmed to keep us separated. It reminds me of the division in race, religion, and social economic class. We are entertained with reality television shows, soap operas, romance novels, and movies that intentionally confuse us about what true love represents. Once we begin the journey of loving from within, we discover that LOVE is at the very core of our existence. Love is the only entity that is real. Everything out side of that is fear and ego.

When it comes to relationships within the black communities, we take away too many cues from the illusion of what is going on around us. We see other people’s drama and failed relationships and begin to equate dysfunction as normal and expected. Love is as natural as breathing. It is who you are and is the essence of our being. It’s just like breathing; when you try to control such a natural act it becomes difficult. We have created a habit as humans to always want to be in control…and we want to control every aspect of our lives.

But we are confused and have become a slave to bad habits. Only the ego seeks to control and when it is unsuccessful in controlling a power greater then itself, it acts out in negative ways that results in making our relationships feel challenging and draining. When it comes to matters of the heart, we must recognize that we do not have to interfere with nature. This is how we become a slave to good habits and we will truly gain peace.

True peace happens when we become so in-tune to who we are that being alone is no longer a scary notion. It doesn’t seem frightening or even foreign for that matter because it is understood that we are all one and inter-connected. So know that you are never alone. The ego forces us to believe that we must fill voids with people and things. When in fact we were created whole with innate resources. Individuals who seek to control, will lead others to believe otherwise.

If you are in a relationship and you feel you always need some type of validation, your relationships will always be filled with drama and stress. The only person that can truly validate you is you. Placing that burden on someone other than yourself is not only unfair but UN-realistic. No one outside of you will ever be able to fill any void you feel and the ego is never satisfied no matter how much you feed it. There is no perfect mate, no amount of drugs, sex, or money that will make you feel complete. You and only you have the tools and power to do that for yourself. We must allow love to take its natural course in order for our lives and relationships to reach its full potential. The past is gone and the future may never come. All we have is the present and if we allow love to serve its purpose we will be able to serve our own.

*AUTHORS NOTE: I just wanted to share with my readers that I am not perfect by the standards that society has set. However, I do feel I am the perfect “ME” and I am always seeking to evolve into my higher self. I share my thoughts and feelings as they come to me through my experiences to show my brothers and sisters that it’s okay to be yourself, feel how you feel, and to speak and live your truth. Others may not like or agree with it and that is their right.  We are all works in progress and I am no exception.

Staff Writer; Kendrick Snipe
One can view more of this talented brother work over at; http://blackloveandrelationships.blogspot.com.
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