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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Janet Jackson or Whitney Houston: Are You Serious.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I was in the airport having a discussion with a fellow passenger about how much I love Janet Jackson. I love her music, choreographer, and definitely her performance presence. However, I expressed that one of the things I admired most is vocally she stayed in her lane. Real talk Janet Jackson doesn’t have a power house voice at all. Its average at best…but the albums sound good, and Janet Jackson’s performance makes up for the vocal lacking.

Well, my discussion partner is also a Janet Jackson fan, but she’s almost fanatic with it. She is incapable of seeing there are areas whereby Janet Jackson hands down isn’t the best. She looks at me and informs me that Janet Jackson is better than Whitney Houston. Ok, at this moment I had to ask her was she serious or outside of her mind? Did she mean better as in live performance…dance maybe? We all know dancing wasn’t Whitney Houston’s area. Well, she informed me Janet Jackson is better period…at everything.

Look, I know some of all were upset about my opinion (no need to be nasty about it lol) regarding Mariah Carey…and I stand by it. However, I’m no fanatic of a fan for any artist…so this lady had gone mad. Whitney Houston’s voice in music is amazing…not was…is. Whitney Houston could destroy Janet vocally without even trying. I’ve never heard Janet Jackson sing the national anthem, but after Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston is my absolute favorite.

Her vocal strength, control and range was absolutely beautiful…she sings into your soul. There is no way Janet Jackson could pull off a “I Will Always Love You” hell the first half of The Bodyguard Soundtrack belonged to greatness of Whitney Houston. Yes, I stand by my opinion that Whitney Houston on drugs…hence not at her best could still own most artists vocally. Whitney could just stand there and sing. Period.

I love Janet Jackson, but I miss the voice of Whitney Houston. I find myself listening to her music often when I need a voice strong enough to reach me (no she isn’t the only one). There are songs I adore by Janet Jackson, but Whitney Houston could pull you from under the table with her voice. I understand fandom, but Janet Jackson could never beat Whitney Houston vocally when she was alive…and if we just compare music she never will.

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7 Responses to “Janet Jackson or Whitney Houston: Are You Serious.”
  1. Tom S says:

    The real question isn’t whether Whitney is better than Janet but rather by how many times. I’d say Whitney is about 10000 times better than Janet.

  2. Litafan2000 says:

    Janet is a singer and Whitney is a screamer? Are you insane or just plain ignorant? Janet is no where near in Whitney’s league when it comes to singing. Only thing Janet will eat Whitney alive in I dancing and that’s it. You need to have several seats.

  3. Sanket says:

    I am gonna repeat my comment. Janet is singer while Whitney is screamer. Janet is best dancer. Janet is best performer as well. Put Janet and Whitney on stage and Janet will eat Whitney in a sec.

  4. Janet Jackson Fan! says:

    Janet Fan here, but must acknowledge she will never be on the level of Whitney Houston when it comes to singing. Her range is ok, but Whitney voice was out of this world. Can still picture her singing the national anthem. When it comes to dancing, or being an entertainer there is no one greater then Janet Jackson.

  5. Grey says:

    Amen,. I am a Janet fan for lyfe but I refuse to believe that music should be viewed as a competative sport and I just tune out those who insist upon trying to do that. Music is art, it should inspire and open ones mind and heart to new and beautiful ways of seeing things. Every musician should be held on their own accord and be given credit for the vision they bring individually as artists to their medium

  6. Cynthiana says:

    Janet has a much better range of topics and subjects thus her discography is much stronger than Whitney’s who mostly sung love ballads. Janet’s unique music, stage dance performances, innovative music videos made her standout from her peers. Rhythm Nation came out in the 80s and is still relevant in today’s social climate

  7. xyz says:

    No need to compare two black woman like this. Both are completely different artists, Whitney could be put in one sentence with people like Aretha or Dionne Warwick, Janet with Tina Turner etc.

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