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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Seven Ways To Identify “Hoteps” Pretending To Be “Conscious”.

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( I have made no secret about my issues with many people with in the “conscious community” because I have written several articles about those issues that I have with them.

But nowadays, there’s a group of pseudo-intellectuals on social media/YouTube claiming to be “hotep”, but their their comments are often arrogant, condescending, disrespectful, hateful, ignorant, as well as promoting hatred and discrimination against other groups of black people because I’ve personally seen this up close on social media and YouTube.

In Ancient Kemetic, hotep means peace, but nowadays, it has become very bastardized by many of these pseudo-intellectuals called “hoteps” on YouTube and social media greatly abuse it by forcing their viewpoints on others who don’t share their views on certain topics. 

These “Hoteps” that are often on social media and YouTube are very detrimental to our community because they say some of the most hateful, condescending, ignorant, and disrespectful things about their own community as a whole.

Also, many of them claim to be about “peace”, but in reality, they’re modern day cyber bullies who actually enjoy cyber bullying those that not only don’t share their hateful, ignorant, and condescending views, but also chastise those that are out in the community fighting for our community on the front lines everyday.

Here are ways that you can identify a “hotep” pretending to be “conscious”;

1. Sexism Towards Black Women – I have seen many of these “hoteps” dudes express their deep disdain for black women on social media and YouTube so much that they don’t even realize the divisions that they actually hate half of their own community.

Example: A few months ago, a pseudo-intellectual calling himself a “hotep” on social media had the nerve to say from his own mouth that black women are “the #1 cause of death for black men and black women in America” and I was greatly disgusted and offended at the guy’s very disrespectful and sexist remark. When a black man disrespects black women, he’s also disrespecting his mother, sister, auntie, grandmother, great auntie, nieces, and female cousins.

2. Promoting and Perpetuating Hatred And Discrimination Against Other Groups Of Black People Like Towards Same Gender Blacks – The extreme hatred for other groups of black people like towards same gender blacks from these “hoteps” has become extremely detrimental, toxic, destructive, and counterproductive to our progress as a people.

Example – I saw a video on YouTube last year in which these “hoteps” are basically promoting and perpetuating a systemic genocidal agenda already being used against our people by saying that “same gender black people should be shot, stabbed, raped, and even murdered by toxic masculine guys” and by saying that “same gender black people have no place in our own true liberation”. Some of the greatest heroes in the history of our community were same gender black people.

3. Calling Real Social Issues Affecting Our Community “Distractions” – There is nothing that I despise more than seeing these pseudo-intellectuals calling themselves “hoteps” on social media and YouTube calling the real social issues affecting our community like mass incarceration and police violence towards our people “distractions” to them that are not even worthy of having a positive and honest discussion about.

4. Many Are Mental Slaves To Their Own Egos – One thing that’s been bothering me tremendously that I’ve personally observed on YouTube and social media these past few years is the huge amount of egotistical narcissistic arrogance that many of them possess w/o realizing that they’re basically mental slaves to their own egos.

Example – Many “hoteps” ignorantly believe that their “knowledge is superior” and that they yearn for a chance to try and debate a topic in which they often bully people that call them out on their hypocritical, hateful, and condescending bullshit.

5. Many Of Them Are Basically Self-Hating Folks – I have also noticed the extreme amount of self-hatred that many “hoteps” possess, not just towards other black people who don’t share their views, but also denounce certain aspects of black culture like hip-hop.

Example – Last year, this same pseudo-intellectual who claims to be “hotep” wrote an article explaining why in his twisted mind hip-hop is not black culture and I read some of the article that made me quickly come to despise the guy and the title of the article. I haven’t read any more of that guy’s articles since last year.

6. Some Of Them Are Basically Greedy Opportunistic Phonies – An actual example of a “hoteps” opportunistic activities is when I remember a few years ago, Umar asked people to “donate” money to a school he was supposedly buying to property educate our young men. But when many people within the community started to ask “Where was the money really going?”, Umar went on an angry tirade that was nasty and vicious against those who dared to even ask him a legitimate question of “Where was the money really going?” And that right there showed me just how greedy and opportunistic these phonies like Umar are.

7. Their Blatant Hypocrisy – It’s well known by now that these “hoteps” are among the biggest hypocrites within the “conscious community” because they say one thing and do the opposite.

Example – Many of them claim to “love” their people, but behind that facade comes extreme hatred and animosity towards other groups of black people including black women, black children, and especially same-gender blacks and it has reached very disturbing levels nowadays because I’ve personally seen this up close on social media and YouTube.

The Conclusion – I believe that these “hoteps” need to be exposed more for the phonies that they really are by calling them out very often, that way you weed out the fake from the real in our community.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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