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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Are Black Men Uplifting Black Women Today?

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(  Quite honestly if Black women are at the very least irritated they have every reason to be. Look at the way they are misunderstood, misrepresented and ridiculed. What’s most heartbreaking is that a lot of that pushback comes from Black men themselves. And for any man of color that wants to perpetuate the notion that Black women are “angry,” just imagine if white America said that very same thing about Blacks (and they do) when objecting to the racial injustice presently on display within the day to day lives of black women.

Why is there such an unwillingness to take a step back, outside of one’s self and see another perspective, the black women perceptive at least? Especially when the one asking has done the same for you without question? When you shame Black women, when you tell them their concerns don’t hold the merit of deserving your support, are you not shaming your own mothers, daughters, and wife? Or has your life been entirely devoid of the positive influences of Black women?

It’s truly a sad day in Black America that (some) Black men can’t seem to stand in solidarity with Black women. Because if they won’t stand up, who will? Now this does not apply to all Black men, just some. But here are five ways for the Black man to uplift the Black Woman:

Love – This doesn’t have to be a romantic love, it actually does not need a title or type. Just love up on the black woman. Express love and let her know that you have her back no matter what. For example, if you see a sista is lacking nutrition, exercise, or sleep in their daily routine, then provide encouragement in a loving way to alter things in their lifestyle to make those changes happen.

Attitude – Yes black women have them. All women have them, however it is important for you the Black Man not to react in a negative way. Try to alter her attitude to a more positive state. She is under a lot of stress, stress she doesn’t even realize she is carrying. Express to her your wanting to lift and empower her to thrive through finding and exploring her own passion and interests. Be with her and help her to build trust in themselves and their intuition by encouraging mind, body, and soul connections.

Action – Be…About…That…Action. If you say you’re going to do something do it and if you can’t do it then say that as well. Black women are always doing and taking care of others so step up and show through action you care. Model to her how to infuse passion, values and goals into daily routines. Black women live through and with purpose.

Perception – Others love, respect, and appreciate what Black Women does. Does she believe in herself? What’s her take on it? It’s important for the Black Man to bring out the best of what Black women have to offer.

It is a powerful thing when a Black Man uplifts a Black Woman. How do you uplift Black Women today? We want to hear from you. Comment in the comments section below.

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One Response to “Are Black Men Uplifting Black Women Today?”
  1. Cornell Murphy says:

    I love this topic. In my 8 yrs with my woman i have been doing my best at doing just what this piece is speaking of. Unfortuantely because of her friends, social media,reality ,tv, and many other things she is not seeing or really understanding what it is that im doing. She is so misguided that in her mind im just trying tell her what to do or control her. Anyone thats ever been in the position of the “motivator”, the “encourager”the one who pushes the person to be the best that they can be ,even if that means being the bad guy alot of times, and trust me you will be enemy #1 on many occasions. Anyone who has been that person knows its a very difficult person to be. I just want to be. But i will continue to be that person because I know its what this world needs more of.

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