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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Planned Parenthood And The Polemics Of Black Genocide! Pt 2.

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( WITH the exception of CHINA almost all of the older societies in the world tend to be very conservative and modest when it comes to their personal human relationships homosexuality and abortion is usually not tolerated and its not because they’re bad or backward people its because they’ve been around long enough to know when a society open these doors of legalizing and or promoting these practices , you never know what may come out of these doors and you may never be able to close these doors again, this is what history teaches us, and this how we know AMERICA has crossed that line and now are in her last days.


DR KERMIT GOSNELL walked out of these doors and if there is any story that illustrates exactly what an abortion is, its this one , DR GOSNELL was a black PHILADELPHIA abortionist that operated a clinic for over two decades completely unimpeded by city or state agencies and like all abortionist who’s operate freely for long periods of time he was honest about what he was doing and he knew he was killing viable children , in fact DR GOSNELL would often joke about the size of the baby he was killings saying, ‘THIS BABY IS BIG ENOUGH TO WALK AROUND WITH ME OR WALK ME TO THE BUS STOP!’

ONE of the charges DR. GOSNELL was convicted of was killing a baby over 24 weeks old , he killed them as late as 32 weeks old after being born alive on the procedure table by using the process he called ‘ensuring fatal demise ‘ which meant he used scissors to cut the spinal cord and causing a slow and painful death and in spite of multiple complaint of unqualified staff and sexual infectious disease being transmitted because of his unsanitary facilities he went on without a state or city inspection for 16 years and of course his records were either bad or non existent , they still to this day do not know how many children this man killed.

DR GOSNELL was also convicted of killing a 41 year old pregnant women from NEPAL who just happened to enter his clinic searching for a late term abortion, DR GOSNELL was a licensed serial killer and like all serial killers he took trophies and souvenirs from his victims he had jars of hands, heads and feet and sometimes the whole body’s of children in storage in his refrigerators , the garbage disposals in his clinic was filled with the limbs of aborted children and this is not a anomaly there are many DR . GOSNELL’S all over the country their stories are either downplayed as this one was in the media or its hidden altogether and we never see these story because as we shall see the abortion industry is the wild, wild west.

THE last I checked DR . GOSNELL was in prison serving his three life sentences where he belongs , he had joined the NATION OF ISLAM and was playing in the prison band and we can only hope this is where he spends his last days, but DR. GOSNELL was enabled by a very sick society that does not value human life and especially black human life who wanted these children dead and he just gave us what we wanted, he killed these children for us.


IT took a while before I could believed this story , I actually searched to see if someone would debunk the story, a few tried but none were successful however this story should be of no surprise given the satanic nature of the abortion industry but apparently a company out of CALIFORNIA named SENOMYX has found a use for aborted embryonic cell to test flavoring chemicals both savory and sweet that are the added to our soft drinks , cookies and candies the biggest food companies in the world names such as KRAFT, PEPSICO and NESTLE are using flavoring agents manufactured by using the tissue of aborted babies.

THE aborted human fetal cell line used by SENOMYX is known as ‘HEK -293’ is manipulated to evaluate how the human palate will react to synthetic flavors used in the production of processed foods and because these ingredients can be disguised as ‘artificial flavors ‘ or ‘natural flavors’ we all have no idea that the product we’re consuming is made using the tissue of aborted children most of which was produced by the PLANNED PARENTHOOD abortion industry.

THEY’RE using the ‘HEK 293’ human embryonic kidney cell taken from aborted human babies to produce the receptors but according to experts they could have easily obtained the ‘G’ protein for taste receptors from other sources like animals or insects cells but when you know the whole abortion industry is satanic in nature and a abortion is actually a ritual child sacrifice and also cannibalism is a feature of satanism it should be no surprise that these aborted children are now in our food chain ,and I know this is hard to believe but it gets even worse!


THIS story confirms the previous story because prior to the ‘ aborted tissue in food’ scandal nobody new there was a industry that served the large food corporations and BIO TECH firms with the ‘aborted tissue’ and other parts of aborted babies until the CENTER FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS’S undercover investigation of the PLANNED PARENTHOOD baby parts selling business.

POSING as a BIO TECH firm searching for aborted baby tissue the CTMP was able to get high level PLANNED PARENTHOOD officials and DOCTORS who have clinics and perform these abortions to openly discuss the pricing of parts, which they call specimens at $75 or $50 depending on the quality of the aborted baby, they also go into great detail as to how they kill the baby in order to preserve organs and other parts that they describe as can be harvested, its some of the most horrific footage ever captured.

ACCORDING to the reports PLANNED PARENTHOOD has contracts and invoices found in the investigation that indicate the real life fetal organ and tissue wholesaler companies like , NOVOGENIX , STEMEXPRESS and ADVANCED BIO SCIENCE RESOURCES made monthly payments to PLANNED PARENTHOOD based on the number of resalable fetal specimens that they received from the abortions of PLANNED PARENTHOOD’S clinics, NOVOGENIX contract promises PLANNED PARENTHOOD of LOS ANGELES $45 per specimen and their L.A. clinic network alone abort over 15,000 babies a years and remember these children are literally chopped up into pieces and sold off like a old automobile , eyes, livers and brains all have different value and if you can multiply this throughout the country with the thousands of PLANNED PARENTHOOD clinics you can imagine how much money everyone is making.

I invite everyone to find the 12 part investigative series by the CENTER FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS
into PLANNED PARENTHOOD it was produced in 2015 but got very little coverage and I can assure you it will be one of the most shocking things you have ever seen but it will also be the most informative because just like everyone else involved in the abortion industry you’ll see and hear for yourself the casual discussion of professional doctors and other officials of PLANNED PARENTHOOD who know and understand exactly what they’re doing , they know they’re in the business of killing children and selling off their viable body parts this is what they do for a living,its also sad because nothing or nobody has been able to kill this child murdering cult and no president who has promised to do so has ever delivered including the new one who just gave them another $500 million , however its irrelevant how much money TRUMP or anyone gives this organization its our responsibility to teach our young sisters how to be morally and ethically strong enough to stay out of these human meat grinders hands!

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