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Taxation One of the Most Controversial Financial Topics.

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( Anyone who follows politics regularly, knows that taxation is one of the most controversial financial topics. Each political party has its own views on fossil fuels, estate tax, health insurance tax and penalties, and corporate tax reform. However, unless you have a masters in taxation, or are willing to really take the time to educate yourself about these issues, the constant deluge of information can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, Northeastern University have created an infographic, which can be seen below, which explains these things in more detail, as well as how they may be changing.

Even if you are not interested in finances or politics, the below infographic is worth a read. It fully explains the tax issues in society, how each tax law affects you, and how it could affect you and your family in the future. This is not something that any citizen should ignore.

Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Taxation Online Program

Six Issues in Taxation is an infographic created by Northeastern University.

Staff Writer; Paul Jacobs

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