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Monday, December 17, 2018

Black America & Materialism: We Cool With Trading Our People For Things.

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( Today live in an extremely materialistic society. Every time we turn on the television, radio, or even when we are out and about. We are reminded of what we don’t have and how less of a person we are if we don’t have. So how does the constant propaganda urging you to consume more affect our relationships as black men and women? Being that throughout so much of or history in this country we have been denied the so called “finer things in life.” We tend to over compensate when we are able to experience those things. It has gotten so bad at this point that many people can’t separate who they are from what they do for a living or what they have accumulated materially.

Don’t get me wrong I love nice things but I’ve learned the hard way, in many cases, that who I am is not based on anything that I can purchase. That shift in mentality has made is easier for me to build more meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life and back grounds. Many of us view our dating prospects under this materialistic magnifying glass. Unfortunately, when we allow material possessions’ to over shadow a person’s true value, we tend to have conflict and division in our relationships, families and even our communities.  Don’t think I’m saying that you should “settle“ for anything less then what you deserve.

However, we should learn to look past material and titles when we are seeking Mr. and Ms. Right.  Just think for a minute. I am sure many of you believe that you are a great catch, but what really makes you feel that way about yourself? Is it because you got large sums in the banks, Have a high paying job or business, big house, or a fly ride? Well if you answered yes, then let me ask you this. If you lost all of that tomorrow would you still be the great catch that you felt you were today? If not then you might not be as great of a catch as you believe you are. This is not an attack on material success or successful people just a little perspective.  Most of the greatest things in life can’t be bought. Good people are defiantly among those things.

Let’s begin to take a real honest look at who we are and what we can bring to the table in our relationships. If all we have is material things to bring we need to really do a full assessment of who we are as a people. “Broke” is a mindset not a social economic class. Many of us who feel we have it all are, in some cases, really spiritually and mentally bankrupt even though we have all of the “finer things” at our disposal.

Let’s wake up and understand that material things are too weak of a foundation to build life and relationships on. Measure people first by their character before we start with the material audit. If you still out here talking about there are no good men or woman out here on “MY LEVEL” then you probably missing out on allot of really good people.

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