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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Indoctrination in the Black Community: Failure to Progress.

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( Any black person who has questioned the validity of the pro-black movement has inevitably been encouraged to watch documentaries such as ’13’ and ‘Hidden Colors’ by those indoctrinated by such ideology to prove that the plight of black Americans is so sad that it is an insult to walk around with a happy disposition, knowing the tragedy that their ancestors went through for centuries.

Freedom of thought is frowned upon in the black community unless it reiterates black fear and hopelessness…or in a hope of recreating history so that all blacks become kings and queens again.

Black Americans seem to always blame white America and their alleged superiority for the plight of their community instead of looking at the black community for what it has created itself to be: a community that thrives off of fear and groupthink. To teach generation after generation about the white supremacy (white people being superior to the black race), while also preaching black separatism (blacks being a separate group of humans than the rest of the human race, though it’s common for blacks to separate themselves from each other based on skin color and intellect) is counter productive to empowering the black race in America in a healthy, logical way.

It’s well known that black Americans boast about their traumatic history, but never boast about their mental well-being. It’s common for blacks to brag about disregarding all things health care, including doctors, such as psychiatrists and general practitioners. What’s overwhelming to understand is how it is possible to heal the psychological impact and break the cycle to such trauma by reiterating how bad blacks had it in the past and how full of fear our ancestors were to escape from trade that lasted for centuries.

What’s further disturbing is how teaching the youth generation after generation about what the black race had hundreds and thousands of years ago doesn’t give hope or inspiration. What it does is tells the youth their race has been dragged through the mud for centuries, which makes it okay to be militant and to be civilly disobedient, because of the belief that it’s white man’s rules and a white man’s world.

Documentaries like the one that I mentioned above do nothing to shine a light on black Americans part in keeping each other mentally and emotionally enslaved…which is the collective black thought. Unless there is abject ill-logic in the ideology of what blacks stand for and are held back by (for instance, saying that we’re all kings and queens), there’s no dialogue to be had in order to get to the root of what keeps black Americans held back intellectually or emotionally.

Everything wrong with the black community can be traced to what is taught to blacks, by blacks. Black men are seen as criminals because we’re taught to not see the criminality in their actions. Rather, we see these young guys as men who protect their community, which makes no sense seeing that black boys are more apt to go to prison for street crimes than anything else. Street crimes endanger their community, so how are they protecting it? To black minds, they are protecting their community from the police who are there to serve and protect. Black music is the soundtrack for such behavior.

It’s interesting how the black mind can be manipulated to think that the police are predators, and the predators are the police, isn’t it?

Black women are seen as loose women because it’s enabled in the community and in black music to see the loosest women as the women to place on a pedestal. The worst women in our community are parents. That’s no good.

It’s also interesting how it has become commonplace for black Americans to be more racist than the Klan, all the while begging for freedom from white supremacy and pleading to not be shot by police while screaming f**k the police.

Obviously, the indoctrination of this collective black thought is killing the youth, as we all see in Chicago, but could care less. The largest group of homicide victims are the youth, so it makes you wonder the kind of psychotic environment black Americans create for themselves.

Black minds should find hope in psychotherapy and get their minds right, because this groupthink ideology of, ‘We are all former slaves, racist, poor, powerful, fearful people. Respect us.’, indoctrination nonsense can’t last another generation.

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2 Responses to “Indoctrination in the Black Community: Failure to Progress.”
  1. Myron White says:

    I have no quarrels with teaching about the Past. However I personally have watched Hidden Color-like films in which the environment is so decrepit that the argumentative school kids revert back to their ignorance less then 5 minutes after the film ends. (Sometimes Even DURING it altogether). It cannot exist in a void.

    As an African American Thirty Year Old Single Father, I seriously applaud the writer for this vision. But here are my TRUE issues

    A) Asians, Immigrants, Mexicans etc succeed and thrive with barely any complaints. We separate from each other, with mind-numbing logic such as “Straight Black Men” are the only allies we have. Google/and Apple are in Chicago giving STEM scholarships. Corporations give millions in scholarships too. Why isn’t OUR money going for a better education system overall?! We barely even support our HCU’S given to us by THE WHITE MAN in the first place!! White Supremacy sure doesn’t stop the black dollar moving. We spend more as much as Turkey or Australia. We kill each other FAR more then whites kill us and whites get killed a plenty as well by cops if you look carefully.

    B) Insulting Biracial/Interracial people sometimes I’ve seen BLACK people insult Interracial Relationship Black People worse then white people. Another sign of a Cleaver type attitude. (They say, Bed Wench, Coon etc not just on the internet mind you. Most near majority Liberal or even Quasi-Liberal White Families don’t even care. Not to that extent. Attacked by my OWN group for interracial dating? Absolutely Sadistic and Moronic.

    c) Attacking Black LGBT for family when traditional marriage/family died years ago. Obsessing over the “Traditional” black family is like Necrophilia at this point. Black people at large care nothing about being moral except when it comes to gays/abortion. (Ironically no different then most Americans). Obsessing over not even 9% of the population is utterly strange. A third of which have kids OR adopt hapless ones anyway. But that is population agenda? You Negroes don’t even control the food you eat. If “they” really wanted to we’d all be long sterile. One should research current Bio-Weaponry technology. Or just get familiar with the “positives of fluoride” SMH

    D) Black Women actually are the ultimate Feminists. Regarding Education compared to black men and Raising Children (especially in the past). Black Women are far more independent and self-sustaining then white women. Black Women also experience far less racism then black men as well. These are INCENTIVES to be equal with Men. What does the Black Man do to nullify them? Spam, Attack, Vilify and Degrade them. Once upon a time AFRICA was a matriarchal society (the world actually). We are returning to this.

    E) The Black Conscious Movement whose intentions are good has no say in the Millineal Day and Age. Our people are hesitant for change and variance even if it means adopting your “oppressor”. (Its not like ALL of Africa’s acceptance of Christianity and Islam was peaceful). Or the 70’s sexual revolution or Capitalistic Debt Trade in Africa. Such rigidness and attempting to put a “lid” and reckon back to the past and not embrace a dominant force is illogical to evolutionary humanity in every way. The backwards trend is why Black Christians for what 3 decades? mostly fund and vote for a liberal anti-religion party and not fund their own conservative party. Its why even at the precise right moment the Pan-Faith NOI potential liberation fell flat on its face, with a larger Global Islamic community becoming mostly becoming “Wakanda” not wanting much of anything to do with America/Christianity at all.

    F) Umar Johnson although far more militant in theory then Tariq Nashid, hasn’t done anything but 5hr documentaries on feminists and the like. No businesses, just a mystery school. He insults black people 10x more then white people. He even calls them “clever”, and “ingenious”, relegating us to stupidity and “coons”, his favorite word that he spams constantly like hip-hop artists with “N” word. Insane, like the Hebrew Isrealites who attack literally anything, even religious CHRISTIANS that don’t worship their bizarre fetishistic cultist black Jewish savior mentality. There aren’t even that many African Jewish practitioners LEFT. Talk about obsessing with the irrelevant past. These are just two examples of how the more conscious you are, paradoxically, the dumber one gets.

  2. Johnnie says:

    I think that this is a white person writing this. One who hates black ppl. It is imperative that we teach our kids about history and the atrocities we have been through. Where else would they learn it? We continue to educate everyone on the Revolutionary War and celebrate July 4th as if it relevant today. I don’t know where u grew up, but u r dead wrong. If Blacks have Groupthink what does America have…?

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