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Monday, April 23, 2018

Teaching Social Media to New Generations.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) The recent deaths, suicides and content that is growing more and more adult and dangerous affects the thinking and actions of children and young people that are watching
online content in video and multimedia. Each generation is faced with the challenges of online content that is not child, youth and teen friendly.

Workshops and summits for youth, teens and young adults is important to show them how their content can affect their future employment options, credit scores and even entrance into higher education and military service.

Social Media has changed from just talking to friends and family to instant communication on a digital level that is beyond its original intention of casual conversations.

The Bridge of Northeast Florida and Empowerment Resources has held several summits, workshops and trainings for youth and teens by William Jackson, instructor at Edward Waters College and Social Media Visionary of My Quest To Teach.

Mr. Jackson is a 27 year professional educator, speaker, blogger, content creator and digital innovator that blogs nationally and internationally and speaks to diverse audiences that are mainly youth, teens and young adults on Social Media Safety, Preventing Sexting, Cyberbullying,  Cyberstalking and how parents can set high expectations  to keep their children out of harm’s way online.

There are growing situations of Cyberstalking and potential child sexual abductions nationally and parents need to know what questions to ask their children about online friends, online language and Apps that may link sexual predators and children.

Parents are the first line of protection for their children, the better a parent is educated the better they can mentor, be a role model and protector to keep their children safe, keep them equipped to understand and deal with online content. Parents cannot totally protect their children against every event or situation their children may be exposed to, they can talk to them and work with them to be prepared and cautious. Communication, expectations and spending time with children is the best way to raise digital natives that can deal with being on the Internet and the exposure to potentially
dangerous content and people.

The Bridge of Northeast Florida services youth, teens and young adults across Duval County and Empowerment  Resources is an award winning mentoring program servicing girls from elementary age through high school.

The Bridge of Northeast Floridahttp://bridgejax.com/

Empowerment Resources, Inc. – Jacksonville

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

Find out more about this talented writer over at; OCS For Education.

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