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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Crazy In Love.

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( Love is blind, and in some cases can make a person deaf, dumb and crazy. What some people do for love makes others wonder what kind of drug love is. According to the definition, love is a profoundly tender tender, passionate affection for another. Humans can be in love with animals as much as they can be with other humans. Look at all of the organizations out there to protect animals, due to the love that they have for them. Love is intense.

People go to extremes at times to show another person that they are in love with them. Love can help you grow, and at times loves can stunt your growth.

When it comes to being stunted by love, some people can forsake their own well being for the sake of the affection of another. Love makes one forget that they themselves exist, because all of their time, affection and energy is going to the object of their affection. There are women in homeless shelters who have boyfriends. How can they have a boyfriend who keeps them in a shelter? How can they place all of their energy outside of themselves, instead of using their time in a shelter to get themselves together? How can love keep them homeless?

Is love that strong of a feeling to forgo working on your own self-love, instead working on a relationship with a man who can’t love you enough to get you out of a shelter?

This love seems to be a co-dependent kind of love, where one person can’t love themselves without feeling the love of another person. A man’s love validates them, so they feel whole, but the reality is, they’re incomplete. Self-love entails knowing your worth, and when one is down on their luck and looking for a buoy to get them out of the sea of hardship, they may find that the only men who come to their rescue are sharks who come across as an emotional savior, when in reality, they are only their to keep a woman down and out, and emotionally void.

The affection that love brings can keep some women in vulnerable relationships, where could be physically harmed, like a woman I met who was shot in the chest by her man and left for dead. Love literally gave her chest pains.

How about the woman who is so devoted to her man that she hands over her alimony check every month to support her mans music career, all the while, she is left to fend for herself in by squatting in apartment buildings and pooping in bags because there is no running water. Her money goes to the man she loves, but she lives like a dog. She decided that only love matters, and unnecessarily living in conditions that could easily be fixed with her alimony check, doesn’t matter.

Love is crazy, and people can be crazy in love.

No one can say that it is wrong to love someone to the point of losing everything for their own well being is wrong, but there’s definitely a reason to consider whether or not a person can logically say that their object of their affection has the same strength of the love drug as they do. The unbalance is undeniable seen in the eyes of the people who are in the women’s lives who love that hard.

It’s easy to see that the woman who turns over her alimony check to a man is not looking at the man reasonably. Logically, it would make sense for him to put her up in a comfortable living arrangement…with her money.

It’s also logical to say that love is a feeling that is hard to conquer, as the heart is not the mind, which can be taught different ways of learning. The heart has to go through many lessons before it can learn to love differently. Therefore, it’s wise to love mindfully and with care. Love yourself first so you know what love is supposed to feel like, then look to others who love you like you do. Hopefully, you love yourself kindly and wisely.

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