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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Was Barack Obama The First Jewish President?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) THE question in the title of the article is not my own but was made at the time of OBAMA’S first presidential election and oddly it was made by several JEWISH publications , the ISRAELI newspaper HARRETZ boldly stated at the time in a article titled SOME CHICAGO JEWS SAY OBAMA IS ACTUALLY THE FIRST JEWISH PRESIDENT, DATED 11/13/2008 http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/features/some-chicago-jews-say-obama-is-actually-the-first-jewish-president-1.257204 the article is very explicit as all JEWISH publications are in describing the relationship between themselves and OBAMA’S career as a politician it goes as following, QUITE of few of OBAMA’S ‘friends of the past’ have popped up recently. IT doubtful he even knows their name but in the CHICAGO JEWISH community many people are long time friends of the president elect.

SOME older people in the community say they raised him, while others half jokingly call him ‘the first JEWISH president’.

THEY raised contributions for him they provided him with contacts and also hosted him and believed in his glorious future in politics, members of the CHICAGO JEWISH community are not surprised , they claim the JEWS have discovered what they have known for years, ATTORNEY ALLAN SOLOW from CHICAGO and leader in the JEWISH community and veteran OBAMA supporter, SOLOW used to live in OBAMA’S neighborhood said OBAMA has always had excellent relationship with the JEWISH community and as a local SENATOR was effective and helpful in what we call the JEWISH agenda .

PLEASE keep in mind the phrase JEWISH AGENDA , this will be important as we move forward.

WE get another account of the of events from his own hometown newspaper right after the election which I believe is a more thorough or accurate version , the CHICAGO TRIBUNE , DATED 12/12/2008 TITLE BARACK OBAMA : THE FIRST JEWISH PRESIDENT ‘jewish circles nurtured him all the way to the top’ ! reporter TOM HUNDLEY, the article states, ABNER MIKVA the CHICAGO DEMOCRATIC PARTY stalwart and former CLINTON WHITE HOUSE counsel offers a variation on the theme ‘ if CLINTON was the first black president , the BARACK OBAMA is our first JEWISH president’ say’s MIKVA who was one of the first to spot the potential of a skinny young law school graduate with a odd name.

PUTTING aside which of the three great ABRAHAMIC religions can lay claim to OBAMA’S soul , it is clear that his political career , from it’s southside inception to the audacious run for the white house was nurtured and enabled by a close nit network of CHICAGO JEWS.

MIKVA and his friend NEWTON MINOW , the former FCC chairman were there at the beginning . MINOW first heard about OBAMA in 1988 from his daughter MARTHA , a professor at HARVARD where OBAMA was studying law .

WHEN OBAMA graduated MIKVA , then U.S appeals court judge in WASHINGTON, tried to lure him with a prestigious law clerkship but OBAMA turned him down, that according to MIKVA took some chutzpa.

BOTH MIKVA and MINOW say they sensed something back then OBAMA was special , they made a point of staying in touch.

OBAMA’S circles of JEWISH patrons and advisers widened further in 1992 we he became involved in a voter registration drive that bought him in contact with BETTYLUE SALTZMAN a liberal activist and daughter of the late PHILIP KLUTZNICK a former commerce secretary , SALTZMAN said she knew from the moment she met OBAMA that he would someday be president, she introduced him to DAVID AXELROD who saw something similar.

AXELROD designed the strategy in which Barack Obama won the backing of the white liberals and then reached out to blacks .

JEWS made up a significant number of the first constituency.

RABBI ARNOLD WOLF of KAM ISAIAH ISRAEL synagogue across the street from OBAMA’S CHICAGO home,was another early backer, like MIVKA he see’s what he calls OBAMA’S JEWISH side.

THROUGHOUT the presidential campaign OBAMA did and said what was necessary to court the JEWISH vote. IN MARCH he made a pilgrimage to AIPAC the powerful pro ISRAEL lobbying organization.

THERE he pledged unwavering commitment to ISRAEL’S security.

IN JULY he traveled to ISRAEL and was photographed with ISRAELI leaders.


SISTER CYNTHIA McKINNEY ‘S encounter with AIPAC and the JEWISH power structure didn’t go as smooth as OBAMA’S did and for obvious reason she wasn’t willing to take oath’s and pledges to a people and a nation that was not her own,I know it’s hard to believe but a few black AMERICANS actually managed to maintain their integrity and principles in these most trying times CYNTHIA Mc KINNEY was one of many people who ran up against this ‘deep state’ infrastructure that determines who our leaders can be , TRUMP is only the latest, but CYNTHIA Mc KINNEY’S fatal mistake was not signing a pledge to support ISRAEL , documents the candidates of both the house and senate are required to sign promising to give massive levels of economic aid and insuring ISRAEL’S militarily superior to all of its neighbors, refusing to sign meant no funding for your campaign , the pledge also included a vow to support JERUSALEM as the capital of ISRAEL.

CYNTHIA McKINNEY who served in congress from 1993 to 2003 and 2005 to 2007 stated in a interview after the loss of her seat , ‘EVERY candidate for congress at that time had a pledge to sign’, ‘if you don’t sign the pledge you don’t get money’ FOR example it was like water torture for me , my parents observed this . I would get a call and the person on the other end of the phone would say , I want to do a fundraiser for you , and then we would get into planning and I would get really excited because of course you have to have money to run a campaign. AND then two weeks , three weeks into the planning they would say, ‘did you sign the pledge ? AND then I would say no, no I didn’t sign the pledge, AND then my fundraiser would go kaput! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-rbw_SLoeA

ITS true CYNTHIA Mc KINNEY had a lot of political enemies because she was a fearless congressperson who spoke truth to power , she filed articles of impeachment against GEORGE W. BUSH for lying us into the IRAQ war and she believed 9/11 was a inside job [true] and her biggest offense against the deep state was her investigations of DYNCOR corporation for trafficking in children , drugs and weapons, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTJe3F9zmvg she was far ahead of everyone on this subject , many people were glad to see her go, but that’s not what cost her the congressional seat it was AIPAC using its money and resources to not only defund her campaign and disparage her in the media by questioning her sanity and the massive funding of her opponent HANK JOHNSON who eventually unseated her.

KEEP in mind that this was a very public fight at the time everyone knew AIPAC was trying to defeat her and none of her black congressional colleagues spoke up or came to her aid all of them scattered like cockroaches fearing the powerful AIPAC LOBBY the only notable black leader who came to her side was MINISTER FARRAKHAN.

SHE made a very prophetic concession speech on the night of her loss in 2006, she criticized the news media for its biased coverage and said electronic voting was a threat to democracy, ‘WE AREN’T GOING TO TOLERATE ANYMORE STOLEN ELECTIONS,SHE SAID, WE’RE WATCHING YOU AND WE WANT OUR LEADERS BACK OR WE WILL BECOME THE LEADERS!

THIS also tells us the remaining black congress people took the money and made the pledge , which automatically disqualify’s them from being our leaders because as we all know , no man can serve two masters , they themselves have made the choice to serve someone other than us, we need leaders who just serve us, remember this organization AIPAC because as we reclaim congressional seats these will be the people fighting us.

THERE is actually only two categories of people in the world and they are the free and the slave, free people choose their own leaders and slaves are given leaders to follow , its easy to see which category we fall in.


AGAIN these are not my words but the words of Barack Obama himself when he declared ‘I’M THE CLOSEST THING TO A JEW IN THE OVAL OFFICE! http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/196227OBA MA’S devotion to JEWS are not surprising in fact he owes his very existence to them and it was they who put him in white house and it was they who reaped the rewards aside from his promotion of their social agenda’s of open borders , the transgender movement and now MUSLIM migration GEORGE SOROS and others got more tangible benefits , when SOROS suggested just day’s after OBAMA’S election ‘I THINK WE NEED A LARGE STIMULUS PACKAGE WHICH WILL PROVIDE FUNDS FOR STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS TO MAINTAIN THEIR BUDGETS’, within day’s OBAMA pressured congress to pass a huge $787 billion stimulus bill whose text was 1,071 pages long and of course nobody in congress bothered to even read it , OBAMA stressed passing it at soon as possible to stop any further damage to the economy.

AND in a more recent and stunning development ,WIKILEAKS has revealed not only was CITIGROUP BANK the biggest beneficiary of OBAMA’S stimulus plan in which he gave $45 billion in cash in the form of a government stock purchase and he added another $306 billion government guarantee of their worthless mortgage related assets.

NOW get this, a month before the presidential election of 2008 CITIGROUP submitted to the OBAMA campaign a list of its preferred candidates for cabinet positions in his administration, the email was dated 8/6/2008 and it was sent from MICHAEL FROMAN who was a executive at CITIGROUP and it bears the subject line ‘list’ and was received by JOHN PODESTA a month before he was named chairman of PRESIDENT -ELECT OBAMA’S transition team.

OF course almost every name presented on the list was accepted and confirmed immediately , apparently CITIGROUP chose RAHM EMANUEL as whitehouse chief of staff and SUSAN RICE for U.N , ARNE DUNCAN for secretary of education, ERIC HOLDER and JANET NAPOLITANO for homeland security.

AND for the highly sensitive monetary position of secretary of treasury Barack Obama was given three choices and of course all of them JEWS, ROBERT RUBIN and his two disciples , LAWRENCE SUMMERS and TIM GEITHNER all of whom are the offspring of , GREENSPAN , VOLCKER tribe, OBAMA chose GEITHNER , then president of the federal reserve of the bank of NEW YORK both he and HENRY PAUL PAULSON of GOLDMAN SACHS and FED chairman BEN BERNANKE helped organize the whole OBAMA wall st bailout and not only did he give billions to these criminals but he protected them from prosecution for the swindling and speculation that led to the banking collapse in the first place.

YOU read it right a JEWISH banker chose OBAMA’S whole presidential cabinet.

BARACK OBAMA also honored his oath of allegiance to the JEWISH state ISRAEL by bestowing on them the largest military assistance package in history , ISRAEL got $38 billion over the next ten years up from the $30 billion decade long deal that was due to expire in 2018.

ACCORDING to the deal ISRAEL will receive annual payment of $3.3 billion in cash in military assistance.

$500 million a year in ISRAELI missile defense funding.

THE phasing out of arrangements that allowed ISRAEL to use 26.3% of U.S aid on its own defense industry instead on AMERICAN made weapons.

ELIMINATION of a long standing provision that has allowed ISRAEL to use about 13% of the U.S aid to buy military fuel.

EVEN though NETANYAHU requested $45 billion in aid he thanked OBAMA and said the money would be mostly used to upgrade ISRAEL’S fighter aircraft’s and the further purchases of the f 35 joint strike fighters.



I write these articles for one purpose and that is to raise our political awareness to the level of our competitors , because somewhere along the line someone forgot to teach us politics.

POLITICS is a bloodsport , its not for the faint or the weak , you don’t enter into politics looking for friends, someone else described it as’ war without the shooting’ this is the mindset we must have.

BLACK AMERICA should also know , we don’t need to belong to any political coalitions or political party’s but our own , we’re the swing vote in every election without anyone else, all we need to do is learn to mined our own political business and look out for black peoples interest, we wound up with political masters just by straying from this simple formula.

AND I have to say this, the JEWS are masters of politics, they eat , sleep and drink politics and they derive almost all of their wealth and power from it, we’re novices compared to them and they are the last people we should have any political alliance with because they’re so wealthy and so far advanced from us politically we can never be a equal partner to them we can only be their slaves, this relationship must end.

HOWEVER the JEWS have every right to discover , fund and organize around a candidate that they think will advance their interest and agenda and even make them take oaths, in fact that’s what we should learn to do, they saw Barack Obama and that’s what they did, it was our responsibility to investigate to know if this person deserves our support otherwise we may end up supporting a front man for GEORGE SORO’S satanic global government.

AS we enter these years of political instability in the country and possibly even a civil war we need all our natural leaders and teachers to come forward like never before because we find ourselves in this most dangerous time with no credible leaders our whole black leadership establishment has been corrupted , both religious and political from OBAMA, OPRAH, T.D. JAKES, DONNA BRAZILE and SNOOP DOGG these are all the same people who represent the same political class and interest the minute we recognize this is the minute we’ll be free and as our sister CYNTHIA Mc KINNEY said ‘we want our leaders back or we will become the leaders’ well it is you who are the leaders now whether you want to be or not !

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

Official website; http://TheAfricanSpear.com

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