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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Janet Jackson Will She Ever Return to the Stage.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I am a HUGE Janet Jackson fan. She is the culmination of so many different parts of dynamic womanhood. She’s smart, conscious, sweet, demanding, and sexy not to mention her concerts are events of legend. When Janet Jackson announced, she was cancelling her tour to focus on building a family I must admit my reaction was catch 22.

On one hand, I was looking forward to seeing her perform the songs form her album “Unbreakable” (especially the single “Dammn Baby”), but at the same time if anyone deserved to have a family it was Janet Jackson. Many fans understood, and were supportive of her decision…we were just grateful for the music.

When it was announced Janet Jackson was pregnant so many fans were totally excited for her. Seriously regardless of what she has been through in her life she was married, glowing and expecting. Janet Jackson is such an inspiration for women that look to have children later in life after establishing a career. No matter how long Janet Jackson is away from music it’s very hard to imagine r&b/pop without her presence. However, that may be a new reality to face as a fan.

Motherhood is beautiful, and a blessing, but it can reorder one’s life and priority. Janet Jackson has had such a full successful career. Honestly, there is nothing for her to prove as her legacy ad an artist is cemented. Being a new mom, at her age, makes me wonder if she is retired now.

As a fan, it makes me sad to think I may never get a new Janet Jackson album, but as a mother I respect the fact that this chapter of her life may very well be dedicated to the life of her son and family. Of course if Janet Jackson ever returns to a stage is to be seen…but regardless of what she chooses she will always be a favorite in the heart of her.

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6 Responses to “Janet Jackson Will She Ever Return to the Stage.”
  1. JanetJ says:

    We can only hope the GOAT bless us once again.
    Until then enjoy motherhood Janet Jackson!

  2. Sanket says:

    I hope she does because I am sick of seeing naked fake as* B*tchyonce everywhere. The music world needs original and pure talent like Janet again in action.

  3. Mark Davidson says:

    Jimmy and Terry said Janet will release more albums in the future but unbreakable this and I hope Janet at least drop another single either Burnitup! Night or Lessons Learned I need another video for her to add in her innovating videography I hope she release a video

  4. Mark Davidson says:

    I actually wish she drop more music videos from Unbreakable like BURNITUP! Black Eagle Night (my favorite track off the album) and Shoulda Known Better are pristine songs that would definitely chart on the charts the album made history giving Janet another great achievement having number one albums in 4 decades goes to show how her legacy is secure but I hope she return soon cause she is needed.

  5. Troy says:

    I was able to catch the Unbreakable tour and purchased 3 copies of her Unbreakable Cd…one for home, one for car and one for work…because I love the cd that much…It is a very spiritual and inspirational cd and you can tell she is on this new spiritual journey that you can feel with every song featured on the cd. Though I would have hoped she would continue the tour, and continue to give up great music, as she has always been my idol above all other female entertainers of the past and presence, because to me, she set a blue-print that has not been duplicated or even touched. Janet has always been so dimensional, and so on point in her craft and has never bowed down to the Industry Elite, and with that, they have tried to attack her and diminish her legacy, starting with the whole Superbowl setup. She was blackballed from radio and video and even though it has been over several years since the incident and though she came back with a successful tour and album, there are still those who are holding a grudge..and because she did not use her career to whore herself out to sell records and demean who she is as woman and a legendary Icon, they could not control her like they do the beYAWNce’s and the Madonna’s…Janet has never felt the need to use her body and being naked on stage and in magazines to sell her music, tarnish young women and keep herself relevant like todays female artist. Janet gave enough sex appeal, enough abs, enough top boob to make any man smile and any woman wanting to be just like her. Janet has never been the one to abide by industry rules and be their puppet for success, or sell her soul….but what I do admire and love about her as well, is the fact that through it all, she is still unbreakable, still relevant, still talked about (good or bad) still mentioned by todays artist without even having an album out or touring….and she is also the only artist who can step away from the spotlight and come back and be even more welcomed. I think that she may return, or she may not, but either way she will either be welcomed with opened arms, or she’ll definitely missed…and I understand if she wants to focus on her family and make an appearance in a film or produce a film and even give us more music…and seeing how they did her brother Michael one of the greatest entertainers in the world, they went after him with a double edged sword…and I can see that they are trying to do her the same..with the rumors of a child with James Debarge and how that has taken a whole new life of it’s own – way deeper than it was throughout the decades. It makes one wonder what lengths these Industry Elite will go through to bring her down. I love Janet and I am wishing and praying for her and her family to be happy and blessed – and I know that she is.

  6. Sanket says:

    After Colored girls and iconic Number ones tour, she got married to billionaire, she’s millionaire herself, she was planning baby, she was living luxurious and easy life; but in middle of that she decided to start a new musical journey just because of fans’ demand. Hence I don’t think she’s ignorant about her fans or careless about her career. I hope she restarts the tour in near future because the most important things in a person’s life which are having good life partner, child are done for her; hence now she’s free from all those worries. Now she can explore new world and have fun.

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