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Monday, June 18, 2018

Safer Vaping: E-Cigarette Battery Myths and Tips.

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( There has been news spread regarding e-cig battery explosions. E-cigs are exploding in the face of users and causing moderate to serious injury. Naturally, smokers are wary and want to know more. Do you need to worry about exploding batteries? Will you be next or have you fallen victim in believing another myth? Here’s what you need to know about safer vaping.

Made in America

Many vape related products are made in China but some purchase items made in America, which ensures tighter regulations and a quality product. When buying American, at least you know that what you’re purchasing must adhere to particular standards of quality.

Unread Instructions

It’s natural to discard instructions. However, you may need to pay closer attention, especially when using a new device. It seems like an obvious suggestion yet it’s a huge oversight for some. Reserve a few moments to read the instructions.

Inspired Overheating

Some may be prone to pressing the button on their vape for a long time, which results in overheating. Don’t press the button for more than a few seconds. Moreover, pressing the ignition switch for longer periods will shorten the life of your vape. Also, be wary of a burning smell. If overheated, place the vape down in a safe and cool area.

Not Made for Water

E-cigs and vape devices are not made for wet conditions. While you may get away with lightly splashing certain models, avoid getting your device wet. Rather than a moistened cleaning swab, use a dry tip to clean the device between sessions. Don’t insert any wet or oily solutions into your smoking apparatus.

Overextended Charging

Similar to pressing the ignition button for too long, you want to avoid charging your device for long periods of time. It’s not suggested that you leave your device charged as you exit your home or apartment. As warned above, you could risk shortening the life of your device, or in worst scenarios, create an explosion.

Wrong Charger

The average person owns many electronic devices. It’s likely a charger for one device apparently works in charging another. However, be cautious when interchanging chargers. You should only use the assigned charger. Otherwise, you risk causing a fire or malfunction of your device or wall socket. You shouldn’t use a charger just because it seems to fit and works.

Recognise the Brand

Be sure that you’re somewhat familiar with the brand of vapouriser. Otherwise, you may fall peril to cheaper components and faulty mechanics. It’s best to invest in the brands you recognise, the ones that are in ads, magazines, related websites, etc. For example, asking for Kangertech box mods is a frequent request from a recognisable brand.

Clear Away the Clutter

It’s not just native to charging vapourisers. You should clear clutter away from all wall sockets as well as whatever you’re charging. It’s best practice regarding fire safety. Also, consider whether a charging device may attract a household animal. You don’t want a curious dog or cat clawing at wires and sockets.

Staff Writer; Larry Shaw


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