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Several Reasons Why A Lot African Men Physically & Verbally Abuse African Women In America.

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(  often think about the state of our community and the issues that we are currently dealing with on a daily basis.

And one of these issues that greatly angers me is when a lot of mentally unstable brothers physically and verbally abuse the sisters. My grandma taught me at a very early age that it is NEVER okay to disrespect, degrade, and physically abuse the woman who gave birth to me: My mother.

I have seen many crime stories of a lot of mentally unstable African men just constantly physically and verbally abusing African women and seeing that made me decide to understand the mindset and the factors of those African men who harm our women.

Any African man who physically and verbally abuses African women are nothing but punk ass cowardly little boys and I can’t stand them to be honest with you.

Intro: Here are several reasons why a lot of African men physically and verbally abuse African women.

1. Grew Up In Dysfunctional Households – A lot of African men that have negative attitudes towards African women in America come from very dysfunctional households where their mothers were often victims of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of their boyfriends and it creates everlasting psychological trauma for a lot of them and causes them to develop a very negative view of African women in general.

2. Depression – A lot of brothers are going through depression on a daily basis, whether it be being stressed out on their corporate jobs and dealing with mentally ill bigots on a daily basis as well as systemic factors that also lead to depression. A lot of them that are depressed become bitter and angry and they utilize their anger in the wrong way by taking it out on the sisters which in turn makes their depression even worse.

3. Low Self-Esteem – A lot of brothers that have negative attitues toward the sisters have very low self-esteem of themselves from the time that they were young. The low self-esteem amongst a lot of them exists in several ways:

1) taught to hate their own women by the mainstream media

2) taught to hate their beautiful melanin by the public school his-story books and mainstream media

3) taught to see Becky as the false standard of beauty, not the real standard of beauty in The African woman.

4) taught to not even love themselves by the public school his-story books and the mainstream media.

To African Men That Are Going Through Depression & Stress, Here Are Solutions That Should Be Able To Help You Overcome Them.

1. Go to a psychiatrist that looks like you and can understand you so that you can explain to them the mental issues like despression and stress you often go through.

2. Do non-drug remedies to help treat depression like exercising, light therapy, mood diary, support groups, and meditation to calm and refresh your mind, body, and soul.

The Conclusion – If a lot of brothers men can do those two simple solutions that I mentioned above, it’ll help them overcome negativity from their mind and soul, they will start to embrace, love, and respect the sisters far more so that they’ll never ever harm them again.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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3 Responses to “Several Reasons Why A Lot African Men Physically & Verbally Abuse African Women In America.”
  1. Kwame Shakir says:

    African Men from not only in other parts of the world like the places you mentioned, but also here in America. Don’t get it twisted ampdefy

  2. ampdefy says:

    Do you mean Black American Men or Brothers from Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya…?

  3. Douglas Loss says:

    I like your recommendations for remedies, Kwame. I want to urge men to form support groups, to help each other when the world seems to overwhelm them. If you’re religious, a group like Promise Keepers can help you be the man you want to be. Or your local church may have (or wish to start) such a group. If not, community centers may have or want to start something similar. Or one man can get the ball rolling himself and get something started; waiting for someone else to take the lead may mean that nothing happens. We can all do great things if we just try.

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