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EdCamp – An Adventure for HBCUs.

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( The exposure to the collaboration with educators with years of experience is important for new educators and pre-service educators that attend HBCUs choosing a career in education. Becoming a teacher is not an easy decision, knowing you have the support of seasoned and respected educators is a plus and motivating.

Diversity builds education, it is a foundation of teaching to build on what the real world is so students can adapt and contribute. It requires diverse people to educate a diverse growing student population in schools and strengthens the communities schools are in. Schools are a microcosm of their communities as I have stated in my classes, that is why schools are important.

The stronger and connected the school and the valuing of education helps a community grow and strengthen their connection. The teachers are the base of acceptance, stability and tolerance.

The more teachers are respected and connected they can influence the life of a community. That is why in the past teachers that lived in the areas they taught in were effective not just with students, but with parents and influencing the community.

EdCamp provides a foundation for those in education from teachers,
administrators, support staff and even students to come together and share in open discussions about how to improve the educational culture and atmosphere of schools. These connections are valuable for new teachers to see and experience.

HBCUs need to be involved in EdCamps because they can network with the schools their graduates may teach in, talk to experienced teacher and experience successes with pride and learn realistic strategies to help prepare HBCU students for their careers.

Why wait until being on the “field” your senior year and be thrusted in the environment based off of sometimes outdated policies and procedures when HBCU students can connect earlier and learn from experts. HBCU students can understand the culture and the climate of schools before they get there and be able to handle students because they understand them earlier.

EdCamp what better platform for pre-service educators still in under-graduate programs to learn than on a weekend with free breakfast, free lunch, high energy, diverse experiences and seasoned professionals that have wisdom, knowledge and PLCs and PLNs that work. EdCamp provides a foundation for resources that reinforce why to be an educator, why America still needs passionate and diverse educational mentors, role models and professionals. Writing this blog reminds me of my experiences as a teacher and wish that I had the opportunities of EdCamp as I traveled my journey 27 years ago and continue on for several more year. I have had the great opportunity to be a keynote speaker at two (2) EdCamps and attended several in Florida taking students from Edward Waters College.

Their attendance has been life changing in ways that cannot be measured. The direct exchange of ideas is important, conversation is a strong tool that can enhance the confidence of the teacher in the classroom.

Because of the successes for teachers EdCamp has grown to international environments.

This allows for global sharing, collaboration and the integration of ideas, strategies and best practice not just technology. If teachers do not prepare students to sit at the tables of business, commerce, finance and education then students will be left behind and out of the decision making process of building communities and prosperity for its citizens.

HBCU students have a responsibility to continue the storytelling and educating of children that provides additional exposure and positive contributions to the communities that HBCUs are a part of. Even if a student is not an education major HBCU students can gain experience in networking, professional exposure and career preparation as a life-long learner and leader.

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson 

Find out more about this talented writer over at; OCS For Education.

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