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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Devices Gathering Dust: Useful Ways to Repurpose Your Old Smartphone or Tablet.

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( The average lifespan of a smartphone is about two years these days. The need to constantly upgrade means that plenty of fully functioning smartphones are left collecting dust in drawers across the world.

But there is no need to forget about your old smartphone or tablet once you stop using it as your main device. In fact, there are plenty of ways that you can put it to good use, and here are some of the best.

Security Camera

One of the best ways to put an old smartphone or tablet to good use is to use it as a security camera. As long as the camera is still working fine, you should be able to do this easily.

There are various apps you can use, so have a look in the Android Play store to see what you can find. Some will detect motion and send you an alert, or you could even monitor your property remotely and record the video.

TV Remote Control

If you’re always losing the remote, it helps to have another one handy. You can use your smartphone as an extra remote by downloading an app, then you can use it to control your TV, computer, DVD, and more.

Alarm Clock

There is no need to invest in an alarm clock when you already have a perfectly good one in your phone. In fact, your phone is even better because you can use a smart alarm clock app to wake you up at the right time each morning.

Try this alarm clock app, which will allow you to set your favorite tune to wake up to and also use a timer so you can fall asleep listening to music.


Smartphones don’t even need to have a working internet connection to function as a GPS unit, so you can use your old phone for this purpose. Set it up in your car and use it as your main GPS using an app like HERE WeGo, and it will be much cheaper than buying a new one.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are very useful, but you can use your old phone if you don’t want to buy one. There are a few apps you can use, and they can monitor sound and send you alerts. Some can even play a song or a voice to soothe your baby.

MP3 Player

Or you could simply turn your phone into a dedicated MP3 player. This is especially useful if you never seem to have enough space on your smartphone to store all your tunes.

Dash Cam

You could even set up your old phone to be a dedicated dash cam in your vehicle. This can then record video as you are driving, providing evidence of any accidents you are involved in. Use an app like AutoGuard Dash Cam, and there’s no need for a dedicated unit when you have an old phone you can use instead.

Give New Life to Your Old Smartphone

These are some of the best ways that you can repurpose your old smartphone to carry on using it long after it stops being your main device. There is no need to forget about your old phone, and you may find that it has a long life in any of these roles after you stop using it.

So hold onto your old devices, and you may just find some useful ways to keep using them for many months or years to come.

Staff Writer; Donald Shaw

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